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  1. Hopefully if they're not too clued in a set of D4D badges would work assuming the auris is of the era when they still were producing diesels!😂
  2. Good read - I thought these were meant to be serviced at 10,000 though? Or is it 12,000? I had the 2008 2.0 D4D that was relatively trouble free up to 170 or 180,000 (granted it had the engine replaced under warranty before I took ownership of it) and I still see it being driven locally almost 5 years later. Such a shame they no longer sell a diesel Auris/Corolla.
  3. Sounds like you'd just be 'solving' one problem and creating another. Your dpf would still gather suit and then won't be burned to ash as a regen so it'll just choke the car? Neither option sounds too appealing.
  4. I know average is better overall but instant gives a better idea of how to raise the average e.g. is 60mph in 6th better in general than 50mph in 5th etc. Hard to tell when you can only see the average and you're 300 miles into the tank. I take your point though and do always do brim to brim calculations and have done over the years.
  5. Thanks Tony I don't have an auris still looking so am not sure if the display button shows it. I know it changes the trip and will show average consumption but not sure if instant is something available
  6. Just wondering does anyone know on an auris with a dash like this can you see an instant fuel consumption reading? I've seen you can on the newer versions with the colour screen in the middle and the rev and speedo either side.
  7. That's disappointing to hear I guess economy isn't the 1.6 engines strong point. Assuming we are round about the same 50-55 litre fuel tank that's poor. My 1.6 kia would show 550 but you'd theoretically maybe get 620ish. What do you reckon your mpg is? Another reason to make me seek the 1.4 although getting one after the 2015 face-lift is proving more difficult than I imagined.
  8. I can imagine what you mean about it being very calming. I notice it (too a lesser extent probably) when trying to eek every bit out of each litre of diesel, happy to sit at 55 while everyone else in the right hand lanes are constantly either hard on the accelerator or hard on the brake, cruising up to junctions etc. I'm sure if Drs examined it, it would have a great impact for anyone suffering from high blood pressure 😂 I don't get why whether or not you care about the environment - why you wouldn't try and save fuel! I know if I could afford a hybrid I'd be in a never ending game of trying to beat my best ever mpg😂
  9. No unfortunately the newer hybrids are definitely out of the question - I think for my driving a plug in hybrid with a good 35-45 mile ev range would be ideal but its the £££'s that make it not 😂 Very good point about the smaller engine working harder perhaps helping the DPF hadn't really thought about that. I know what you mean I always like to treat the cars to a few back to back tanks of ultimate and the odd dose of millers ecomax into a tank to just do what I can (whether it helps or not who knows) to just try and keep things as nice and clean and well running as they should. Does anyone know if any of the general OBD 2 apps such as carista or torque or carscanner can show dpf soot levels etc? I know VAG vehicles seem a lot more accessible to this stuff but finally was able to find how to do it on the Kia - would be handy on a test drive to check.
  10. What year is the i30? I remember having one for a couple of weeks when the Auris was off the road (not my fault or the cars!) and it was nice but very fresh maybe a 2016 model and know what you mean. Yeah I can remember my first car a 1.5 diesel clio that thing would easily do 65-70mpg over the full tank - as you say there is no magic way to get a bigger, heavier car to match it unfortunately!
  11. Thanks for the replies. I had for a while as the thought of no troublesome diesel emission systems appealed, however considering a hybrid automatically adds about £4-£6k onto the price. A lot to make up for in fuel savings. I also could only find equally conflicting evidence from people saying it works great fuel economy wise on motorways to others saying it works in towns and stop start traffic but becomes just a normal but heavier petrol car on a motorway. I've only driven diesels (apart from when learning) and wouldn't personally be interested in a VAG car. I know a lot of taxi drivers use the prius and auris hybrid so big miles clearly aren't an issue but their driving is perhaps more town/stop start than long runs on the motorway?
  12. Hi as an ex diesel Auris owner (a 2008 2 litre), I have always had a soft spot for Toyota - when I finally parted with mine after many years of motoring I changed brand to a C'eed 1.6 crdi. Whilst it has been relatively faultless I've had a few niggles that are always under warranty...until you try to get them. Anyway I won't get into all that but I'm a relatively high mileage user (20,000 to 25,000 a year) and due to the niggles and ever increasing fuel prices am considering switching back to an Auris. So just wondering what the views are on the 1.4 diesel auris of the 2014-2016 sort of age range? My old 2008 Auris was pre DPF so never had any issues, the C'eed does have one but never presented an issue (interesting side note - apparently Kia don't have a lot of DPF issues and this is put down to it being so close to the engine - not sure how much truth is in that) so just wondering how big an issue it may be in the Auris - especially in a car likely to be sitting around the 70,000 mile mark. I know so much is down to previous owner driving habits and style but curious to know. My own driving is approx 60-75% dual carriageway or motorway so it's not 3 mile stop start trips. I noticed something online about Auris up to and around 2013 having a few issues with DPFs? Regarding MPG my old Auris it took a momentous effort and a lot of luck to see a tank average anything above 50mpg (measured in real terms not just off the trip computer) and overall averaged about 48mpg over my final year of ownership. Since getting the C'eed which is almost 8 years younger I've found it disappointingly thirsty - averaging 54mpg over the last 4 years or so. I made the mistake of thinking a more modern, smaller engine would be sitting at or around 60mpg when driven economically. I've on occasion managed 60 or just over on a tank but again it's a big effort to do so. I've looked honest john real mpg and while it matches quite closely with previous cars (47.1mpg on the 2008 Auris compared to 48mpg on mine and 52.6mpg compared to 54mpg on the C'eed) the fact you can't see how many have been submitted makes it a bit uncertain. I note it indicates a 2013-2019 Auris 1.4 d4d as 57.4mpg which seems encouraging. I can't remember the old Auris service intervals on the 2.0 D4D but the C'eed is 20,000 miles which is handy. I know with timing chains some think it wiser to change oil more frequently so perhaps Toyota have it right as from what I can see it would be a 10,000 mile interval. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom? Anything else to share - welcoming all thoughts!
  13. Funny you should say that today - this morning the same thing happened. Not as long to start but clearly not the solution so back to considering the valve. Although would the valve not be working all the time? This only sometimes happens when trying to start and when cold. No issues once running or a warm start
  14. Glow plugs checked. First one was corroded a bit and not working. second and third were ok when tested but had engine oil on them and fourth was dry and ok. Replaced all 4 with new ones so we’ll give it a week or two and see as it’s ovcured three times in the past week.
  15. Silly question but what is it supposed to be venting because it seems notorious on the auris that all it does is let water in to soak the boot.
  16. All grand as last few months no such issue and as I say new battery in in September past. Frequently I’ve wondered about glow plugs in previous winters when it’s needed a couple of reheats but it still starts and before you know it another winter has come and gone and it’s still starting! I’ll get them checked. Are they cheap or can they be done DIY? ill check some videos. I’ve always thought it sounded rattlely and rough when cold but put it down to it bring a realitvely oldish diesel with many miles
  17. Glowplugs not changed in my time 4 years and 107,000 miles later. Someone mentioned it sounded like the timing was off and it may need adjusted and a new chain? Didn’t want to drain the battery or wreck the starter
  18. My 2008 auris got a new battery in September yet twice since Sunday on cold starts the following has happened. Car appears to be cranking over ok but takes two to three minutes to start even with the throttle fully open. Any ideas folks? 48A4C008-DEB6-4036-99EE-DDB04D6F608F.MOV
  19. Mine is a ADE150R right enough so maybe that’s the case mike thanks. Would that have just been a new gasket or replacement engine in most cases?
  20. Recently got set up on this now granted my car is an 08 2.0 sr so these are all in the distant past but i was amazed to see how much work went into a barely over 12 month old car Unfortunately words are cut short would this have been excessive oil consumption and then they looked at the cylinder assembly? I suppose it’s perhaps testimony to the work that nearly at 170,000 miles I’ve had next to no bother but seems all the more strange so much occurred in the first 3 years or is this relatively normal?
  21. Sorry I thought you were just wanting to see what order the coloured wires went back in. Mine didn’t come out so I didn’t have to slot them back in. Maybe someone else can help you better.
  22. Yeah click on the link to my post it shows it. It was passenger side too
  23. mine from last Saturday also 2008 with photo
  24. I take it this is the segment that needs drilled?
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