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  1. chana100red

    Installing Double Din Stereo

    I will write up a full instructions guide on how to do the install as there are a few modifications that you need to make note. For now I have displayed some pics of the installation below. TBC.
  2. chana100red

    Error codes Toyota Prius T3 2006

    Thank you Joseph, I have sent my cheap and unreadable scanner back to the supplier. Very informative information you have provided and much appreciated! I will look at that as i really want to get into the Hybrid technology and does fascinate immensely. I Have a good laptop i can use as a diagnostic tool to work with so definately better option than the handheld scanners. I guess I do need to be aware of the scanner's compatibility before I buy again! thanks Buddy. Dee
  3. chana100red

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Glad you said Nexbase because they are also a very good brand and worth the money. I looked at much higher value ones and Nexbase did come out quite well in reviews and performance. I will test mine at night and see what it is like as I have yet to to test it at night.
  4. chana100red

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    Honestly, you don't need to spend £150 for a dash cam in my opinion as I bought for a mere £20.00 and fitted it myself. when I did a test run and played it back on my PC it is absolutely fine. It is clear and concise and good enough for the police and insurance company to look at. you don't fancy equipment for something that does not happen frequently. Money can be better spent elsewhere.
  5. chana100red

    Error codes Toyota Prius T3 2006

    hi Joseph, Strangely enough the diagnostic tool that connected to the car did not pick up any errors. I found that unusual but got me thinking that this only started when I disconnected the whole stereo and parking hazard switch. I found out that if you ever do a stereo install to make sure the hazard connection is remains connected. I have sent back the diagnostic tool that I purchased from an ebay seller. Are you able to recommend one that actually works apart from the more expensive ones that I have seen on the market? It would be really useful to know which tool actually gives a reading/error codes and able to look it up. cheers
  6. chana100red

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    I Have run the cables along side the rubber seals and probably the best way. In terms of hard wiring it, it is possible. I will be making two slit cuts in the carpet and a small pilot hole underneath the center console. There is a piece of fabric or carpet inside the console where the hole will be made. This allows the hole to be concealed even if you decide to sell the car which I plan to do in a year. As I will not be hard wiring it until I get the facelift version 2012 spec is when I will permanently hard wire everything. i will show you pics once I have finished it over the weekend.
  7. Hi All, Recently removed the original stereo to test the aftermarket double din. Upon putting the old one back in until other parts arrive the dashboard suddenly lit up several or more errors. When I purchased the car a month ago there were NO errors at all. I find it strange to have errors appear without any prior warning. So to recap the errors appeared after removing the original stereo and testing my new one - that's it! The errors are as follows: 1) Red Triangle - Master Warning Light 2) Orange (!) - Brake Warning Light 3) Orange VSC - Vehicle Stability Control Warning Light P -Lock mechanism is abnormal. I am driving the car without any problem and is driving absolutely perfect! thanks
  8. chana100red

    Toyota Prius ISO harness

    Hi Guys, Just a quick email to ask if anyone has experienced or know of a way to get the correct ISO harness for my vehicle Toyota Prius 2006 T3. I am struggling to find the correct ISO and did buy one from halfords which worked but only connected the aftermarket stereo. It did not connect the AC in the car and failed to display the temp on the onboard screen computer. The one I purchased from halfords will be taken back as it does not cater for the 3rd connection. The Prius has 3 connections coming from the back of the original stereo and only 2 connections were fitted into the new one, leaving the 3rd connection detached. This 3rd connection is what needs to be connected and there is no connection for it on the iso harness. Any ideas....
  9. chana100red

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    Thanks for clearing that up with me and now I know more about jump starting than I did before. At least I am fully prepared in the future! I hope I was not trying to be defensive or anything as I try to avoid confrontation!
  10. chana100red

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    Hi, I think you mean that it is OK to jump start another Prius? I understood that. That is what I stated in reply to your comment. I also understood that you cannot jump start a conventional car. thanks
  11. chana100red

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    thank you for the information and will always remember not to offer jump start to anyone except a Prius vehicle. That is good to know as I would have without thinking offered a jump start to any vehicle. The more I learn about hybrid technology the better understanding I will have in knowing what is right or wrong. thanks
  12. chana100red

    Prius 2006 keyfob

    Hey Thank for your message earlier. Yes I definitely moved the chip over to the new casing and made sure it was secured properly in the new housing. It is rather strange to see it not working since it is only a plastic shell. I simply cannot work that out. I can only think that the universal housing might not be the correct one for the Prius. I have requested a refund.
  13. chana100red

    Prius 2006 keyfob

    Hey Guys, Ordered a universal key fob case housing for my original one as it is battered but working. After removing the old components carefully I managed to fit it in the new housing, designed for the Toyota Prius from eBay. The lock and unlock works fine on the car, BUT fails to start the car. The error warning is red light stating key fob is not correct. Has anyone have any suggestions or links to get this working. I know to get another spare KEYFOB will cost a lot from Toyota. cheers dee
  14. chana100red

    Service history

    Thanks Frostyballs, I did exactly and found Toyota service record which i am pleased about, although missing a few years and suspect it may have been done with another garage. Mine is due this year so will do a major one with hybrid battery test. cheers for the help...
  15. chana100red

    Jump start to and from a Prius 2006 Hybrid

    Thank you for the reply and advice as I didnt know for sure if it was allowed.