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  1. No its perfectly fine. the older models do have defects as is the passenger drive airbag recalls too. The parts they used are no robust nor are they built to last hence they rectified this in later models. All manufacturers are never perfect and this is common in older cars where they are mass produced. One of those things that I will avoid next time I get a Toyota.
  2. Cheers for that - I hope it is anti-roll bar links. I had the same issue on my other 2004 Avensis, common Avensis problem, I believe these issues were rectified when the manufacturer corrected this defect in the later 2011 models. Thanks for the message!
  3. Sorry - Also idling is slightly off but that is down to another issue with oil leak from the head gasket. I replaced the head gasket a year ago and tightened up the head gasket bolts and the leak seemed to have slowed down. Not a well balanced working car at the moment with several issues going on. With second hand cars prices too high right now I am not considering part exchanging at the moment.
  4. Hi The noise appears to be when I a driving along the road, going over bumps and seems to be constant but does go away and come back. I feel it is a start of something failing on the car. Had these issues before on my old Avensis and seems to be a common issue with these models. A manufacturer defeat seems to be the obvious reason for certain Year and model of Avensis. Obviously newer models after 2010 were better but not great! I also read that it is VERY common on Avensis. cheers Dipak
  5. Without any warning I discovered a clunking like noise from the front driver side wheel. i was told it could be as simple as linkages or bearings. Has anyone experienced this type of noise or similar with your Toyota. Any tips or advice most welcome. i suspect I will need to find a reliable mechanic who is not going to rip me off.... cheers dipak
  6. Hey Guys out of nowhere I started getting clunking like noise from the frontdriver
  7. Cheers Konrad. Everyone here has been supportive and great to share ideas and knowledge and more importantly advice from you guys! I am looking to replace some of the air con pipes and wondering how I can do this. My other issues are easy to fix but would love to get the air con producing cold air. ATS investigated the cause of the problem under UV light and I saw for myself the leaks from the pipes above. I am eager to replace some of the pipes above the system or should I replace the whole lot. I have never done an air con pipe replacement and i know there are some schematics floating around this site. regards
  8. I cleaned the MAF sensor and fixed the problem. I also fixed the oil leak by tighten the rocker cover with a torque wrench of 10 NM of force. A bit of good result today after spending 2 hours repairing the faults. The car is back to normal. Next task to tackle is the corroded/leaking air con pipe around top section. May try and find a tutorial somewhere or on this site.
  9. Sure will order some electrical cleaner later today. I will try that at least as the symptoms of the issue are pointing towards the MAF Air flow sensor. There could be and I hope NOT other underlying issues related to stalling. As I am keeping the car for an extra 2-3 months until i get another one, I prefer not to spend anything on this car. It is definitely time for it to go. Not to mention Air Con pipes corroded too and oil leak. I could spend 500-600 on this car easily and get all this rectified but it is far too gone! Anyway, lets see if the MAF fixes my stalling issue to keep me going and then trade it in for 2010-2012-2013 model. cheers...
  10. Hello Cyker Thanks for coming back to me - Honestly, I was about to part-Ex my car for a 2010-2011 TR M model Avensis but lack of funds has halted me going further so will wait for 3-4 months and then get it. I have not tried anything yet but will do something over the weekend. I will try MAF sensor and how easy is it to clean? It passed MOT last month and emissions were fine... What can I do myself to rectify this problem if you have any suggestions please.
  11. I have resigned to the fact that this car has major problems with minor advisories since my MOT. These cars suppose to last for much longer but I guess I have to let go at some point! I don't have funding to get another car so that's why I struggle to drive to work as it is.... I have exhausted every possibility and I have learned about Mod edit mechanics do not Mod edit all about cars! A pile of Mod edit!
  12. Hi AJones Yes of course! It happens after 20-30 mins after driving for long periods. I drive along as normal at low speed and almost cuts out. I come to a stop at traffic lights and almost cuts out! I immediately put in in neutral from stalling. i do this everyday to work as I have no choice or a secondary car. A few mechanics have told me to 'get rid' but I refuse to it as I want to fix it.
  13. Hi Guys Calling upon your help again as I seem to get most of my fixes/resolutions from you guys and great help as always. I have a T3-X 2004 and it almost cuts out every day to work and recently passed MOT with no emissions problem. I cannot come to terms with how the car has deteriorated in a few months. For the life of me I have no idea why it almost cuts out and the steering wheel starts to stiffen! Worrying times ahead.... I don't know what to do now...
  14. Hi Guys I wanted to pick your brains on what your thoughts were or had any type of experience from friends or family regarding imported Prius gen3. I am looking for one by the end of the year and performing some research on this but not to avail. I would like some help on this if anyone had any advice or links I can go on and see what the pros and cons are. I know a few already but still adamant in considering to buy one. thanks dipak
  15. Hi Konrad Hope all is well and keeping safe... My Avensis is behaving mysteriously strange with oil levels depleting after long runs. There is no definitive period when the oil levels become low and I noticed this when the oil light appeared. I keep a 15w, 40 oil in the boot as I keep it topped up to the max line. I looked around the engine bay and no oil leaks or drips on the floor. No signs of leaks on the road when the vehicle is parked for a 3-4 days. Very odd. Have you come across anything strange like this before? I got some clunking noises coming from the wheels suspension arms or some sort so will get this looked at before it gets any worse. The car is consuming rather more fuel than it used so is a complete mystery to me. It is completed 93,876 miles and has regular service yearly. Any thoughts on the above most welcomed. cheers Dipak
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