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  1. Thanks Paul - Lots of information being presented to me so perhaps need to establish the cause of the problem before I do anything.
  2. Thank you Jim. I will look at the leaking pipe if it is leaking, hoping not! Also look at refilling the gas from kwik fit or halfords and see what happens but will do the basic checks first! before booking my car for an A/c gas refill. Thank once again for the help!
  3. ok Jim. I am a little unsure on this also but I believe there is a pressure valve that can be decreased or increased. I may try this and see if it makes any difference.
  4. Thanks Dean, I will locate and test the solenoid once I have found it and do have a multi meter to test it with and go from there. cheers
  5. Hey Guys, Thanks for the info Konrad. Just performed a test as per the instructions and got error code 23 - mixture control solenoid circuit is shorted or open. refrigerant pressure sensor issue. Is it worth going for it and replacing the pressure sensor or relay as I believe the fuse 10A under the glove compartment is fine. Tested fuse with another and still blowing out cool but not ice cold air. thanks
  6. Thank you Konrad for detailed information about the A/C issue. I will try the diagnostic test and see what error appears and then also watch the video for further help. Thanks a million!!!
  7. Hi, My Air Con was working fine 3-4 weeks ago and suddenly it not throwing cold air. I read articles about it and suggested fuse relay may have gone. Not sure what to do or where to locate the fuse relay if it is the issue? does ayone know where I can get hold of the schematics of the fuse compartments both in the engine bay and the one behind the glove compartment. I dont think it requires re-gassing as it was working 3-4 weeks ago. I don't have the schematics of the glove compartment fuse layout to identify which one is the Air Con. Any advice would be most grateful.
  8. I must admit that I really appreciate the help we get on this forum and people really want to help you! It is fantastic that there are so many people out there helping each other. I thank that we have forums like this where people can share views, project work and and ideas...
  9. Hey Stephen, I recently resubmitted another forum as my heading was not clear. The fix that i applied was replace the top cover gasket and spark plug seal. Once I removed and cleaned everything I simply did just that. I also changed a faulty ignition coil and everything is running smoothly as you would expect in an Avensis - lol. So far so good after two weeks it is holding up just fine. cheers dee
  10. After much deliberating I decided to purchase a set of gasket valve seals and a set of new spark plugs. I carefully removed the top head gasket cover along with the spark plugs and coil. After the cover had been removed I cleaned up the head with petrol and carefully cleaned the edges and removed any excess gasket that was embedded. Cleaned out the top cover and removed as much of the oil stuck on the inside of the cover. Once I was satisfied that everything was clean I placed the gasket into the slots and put back the top cover. Remembering where everything went and bolts to hold down the cover. Tightened the bolts with light pressure to ensure no compression was leaking from the gasket. Noticed that the No.3 ignition coil was faukty so replaced the faulty one with a new one. Once put back to normal I allowed the gasket to settle/embed for 24 hours before driving the car. Since then, the car has been running very well and no problems thereafter. Fuel consumption is good although not much has changed since it is an old car. I suspect that this job may have costed on average £180 including parts + labour.
  11. Thank you very much for the information and is certainly going to help. I have ordered the part in question and will take a print out with me today to ensure it is th correct one. Many Thanks Dipak
  12. I have installed an OEM Toyota Android system in my car last year and will send you information if you still require it.
  13. Hi All, I initially had issues with my car running pretty rough in the last few weeks and got worse yesterday. I investigated the issue and found that the spark plugs were covered with excess oil which to me is not right. I replaced them for now but this has not fixed the issue. I also discovered that the spark plug tubes are leaking - I guess! This would mean removing the gasket cover and undoing the spark plug tube nuts/seals. Can you anyone advise if this is correct or if there is a video showing how to fix these type of issues. I wont know how long the spark plug seals will hold out but I suspect it wont. cheers dipak
  14. Usually these cars are super bullet proof when it comes to engine durability. I can only think of calling recovery service to give me a diagnostic check if that is the only option I have. I simply don't want to take it to a garage as I really don't trust many of them. It runs rough when it is at idle and while driving it is also rough. Difficult one to call...
  15. Sorry also when I am sitting in neutral it almost wants to cut out when I apply the brakes.