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  1. I can only tell it as I see it. I've never had a problem with mine. I have a 2011 Yaris TSpirit and it ,s the best car I've ever had.
  2. Hi Dave. In my TSpirit, the tyre pressures are inside the glove box. Try looking there. Twang.
  3. If what you say is true,I'd like to know why they think it's acceptable to be shall we say? economical with the truth.
  4. What you need to realise is that the mpg quoted is what the government expects, not figures quoted by Toyota. When I bought my TSpirit, I asked the salesman this very question. He told me that the mpg figures quoted are from the government and not from the manufacturer.He also told me that 70mpg was the best he'd been able to get from the hybrid he was using. Hope this helps. Twang53.
  5. Thanks also to Devon Aygo for your help with this. Cheers. Twang.
  6. Thanks for that Frostyballs. It's exactly what I want. Cheers. Twang
  7. Hi y'all. Can anyone please help me?. I'm in a quandry about the tomtom sat nav fitted to my 2011 TSpirit. I keep getting the system bleep at me and different icons flash on the upper left corner of the screen. I bought a book from my local Toyota dealer which I hoped would answer all my questions, but guess what?, everything in that book was covered from tuning the radio to playing videos, but nothing at all about the sat nav functions. Also there is a lot of information at the bottom of the screen ie 1.9 metres etc. Please excuse my ignorance guys and gals, but I'm new to sat nav technology. I bought my car last November, having never had this before and have been trying to understand all this ever since. Another thing I keep noticing is the sound of something like a church bell. It's obviously trelling me something but what. Please HELP! Cheers. Twang.
  8. Hi Lustral. When I did a test drive of the Yaris auto, I was immediately aware of how smooth and quiet it was. You can't hear or feel it changing gear, it really is that smooth. My wife has a Nissan Micra auto, which I have to say has always been obvious when it changes gears, even fron new. You'll know what I mean when I say you feel the slight ***** as it changes up, moreso than when changing down. You hear the gearchanges as well, plus the fuel economy is not brilliant. I would like ultimately to own the Yaris hybrid version. I seems to be a really fantastic car.
  9. Hi Red. Thanks very much for your response. You've confirmed what I already thought.
  10. Hi Brian. Thanks very much for your input. I must admit that what the breakdown guy told my wife was a surprise to me, as I have never heard or read of any such problems. I began to think that either there are generic faults of some kind or that people simply can't drive, which if you look at people round here would certainly indicate as much.
  11. Hi All. Can anyone out there answer a question about the Yaris automatics? Today my wife's Nissan Micra auto broke down. Apparently because the boot lock had been playing up, the light had been left on which drained the battery. When the local breakdown man turned up, he explained the problem. My wife happened to mention that I have the Yaris T Spirit 1.33 6 speed manual gearbox, but that prior to buying it we had test driven the new Yaris automatic. He told her that he has spent a large amount of time going to the assistance of many owners of the Yaris automatics, 2014 plates would you believe!, because so many people have problems starting them. Evidently there's no real hassle when they're running but there is an issue when it comes to getting them started from cold..Is this true. Any ideas? Cheers Twang.
  12. Hi. I must admit that the Yaris Hybrid is a car I definitely want to own at some point. Most reports I've seen and read are pretty much saying the same thing, that it is a really fantastic car. Certainly get the rattling dashboard looked at. As to fuel consumption, I think what other members have said is right. You can't always go by the official figures, especially as these are conducted in laboratory conditions. I bought a 2011 1.33 T Spirit six speed manual in the middle of November 2013. I have to say I absolutely love it. It's the best car I've ever owned. I find that I'm getting around 450miles from a full tank of fuel, give or take a few miles.(I'm usually down to one bar on the fuel guage at that point). The only thing that I found difficult was the satnav. I took the car back to my local Toyota dealership, and the saleman who sold me the car, patiently sat there and talked me through the operating procedure. (I've never had satnav before.) It was one of many features I wasn't expecting until I took it for a test drive. As for the stop/start, what a joy. I can't speak highly enough of my car. I wrote everything down that Sam told me and am now getting to grips with it. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Frostyballs. Thanks very much for that. It proves what I've long suspected. That German cars can give as much trouble as everyone elses. Toyota sceptics take note!
  14. Thanks Cyker. You and Adam have confirmed what I thought.
  15. Thanks Adam. Your feedback is much appreciated.
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