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  1. Hello, I have (still) a t180 2007 rav 4 . It has a B9004 sat nav system. Up until recently the sat nav has worked fine. It now on a regular basis won't read the map and a message says there is a map DVD error or that no map DVD is inserted. Every now and then it just works as if nothing wrong. I have cleaned the Map DVD. I bought a lens cleaning cd but it doesn't work as the DVD player doesn't recognise it so won't play it so the disc doesn't spin meaning the lens can't be cleaned!!!! The CD player works, the radio works, the Bluetooth connection works it just seems to be the DVD player. I w
  2. No run flat tyres, new rear roll bar link and new rear spring, new rear discs and pads, replaced wheel nuts, tow bar had been removed leaving connecting cord loose , I could go on Still getting a muffled knocking noise at front of vehicle when on uneven surfaces, speed bumps etc. Toyota said it was an intermediate steering Shaft ? Another garage can hear the knocking but cannot locate the problem. Toyota also said clutch was "heavy". Got legal advice and I could only take him to small claims court over run flats, the rest is risk of buying private I.e sold as seen , but you have to pay your
  3. Car is in at Toyota, I've explained the situation and they are going to give it a once over and look at the wheels and tyres. They will then call me with news so I can decide on what to do. So if it's %$(ing huge repair bill then I will say no and call trading standards, if it's not and it's a reasonable fix then ill count my blessings , learn a lesson and thank the baby Jesus .
  4. Abraxas, I've calmed down and no longer want to force the car up the sellers !Removed! .... Sideways. I am hoping the tyre change is the issue, or on a positive note it is simple going to get it checked out and wait for diagnosis and cost, then decide a plan of action. Seller still hasn't sent me number for the self-employed old man who serviced it last ..... I have a feeling he is on holiday with Elvis in the city of Atlantis.
  5. I've text the vendor and he said the front tyres are new and the oil was done at last service and I should check the bolts ! I asked him again for the name of the last service provider ..... He said it was a self employed old man who did it. Hopefully it's a case of someone not fitting the front tyres and /or tightening the wheels correctly. Although this could have potentially killed me. I'm waiting for the "old mans number" !!!!! Won't hold my breath. Fun fun fun
  6. Okay, should I wait till Toyota look at it on Monday and find out the damage /costs or send him a message now stating my concerns/ suspicions that he is a trader acting as a private seller and has falsely stamped the last service , what the law says and that I am going to trading standards and a solicitor for legal advice unless he refunds me?
  7. Bob I paid £6k for it , I thought it was a good price but not stupidly cheap due to the mileage. And do you know I can't remember seeing the tpms on !, but that doesn't mean it wasn't! my head is in a right mess. I've been doing some digging around and have found out the seller is in the car trade! (Facebook is a powerful tool) . I'm going to ask a second time for the garage details of the last service if he doesn't give it to me then I'll tell him he has misrepresented the sale and I want my money back if not I'll get legal advice. I have a feeling this could get messy. As I have said I can'
  8. Can I say a huge Thankyou for the help. I think I'm going to get it into toyota and take in a sheet with your advice and potential issues I want them to check and diagnose the problem and cost of rectifying. If the tyres are safe and the wheels are then I'll stick with them. As long as I don't have wrong mix of run flat and normal tyres , I can investigate an aftermarket tpms unit to be installed. The knocking is the worrying part.
  9. Hi chris , what is the name of the aftermarket sensor you used? Here are photos if wheels & tyres. 1st = passenger rear 2nd = driver rear 3rd = passenger front 4th = driver front
  10. Hi their , probably worded my reply incorrectly the wheels are all the same but the tyres are different as stated. I'm taking it to a toyota garage on Monday ( as a one off) to have it serviced and look at the problem. Any other advice ? I have a Mr Tyre near, are they any good with run flats? should I get it into them earlier? Well ****** off. My mind is racing whether it's bearings , suspension, bushes, discs, pads, DMF, wheels, tyres ........ Aaarrgghh
  11. HTH, thanks for the advice The wheels are different and I've noticed the tyre pressure light is on . Rear tyres are Bridgestone potenza re031 235/55r18 Front tyres are Delinte thunder d7 235/55r18 (Can I say a big Thank-you to everyone who has posted and given advice , it means I can go into a garage armed with areas for them to check)
  12. Hi firemac, I've checked the mot and it's all registered on the govt direct site as well as the previous MOTs so all hopefully all good there. No previous fails regarding mechanics or engine. I'm going to ring up the garage that completed what looks like the last official service and ask them what details they have about what work was done and any advisories. I've asked the seller for details of who completed last service .... Unsurprisingly they haven't replied..... If it materialises that costly repairs are needed I'm going to call the seller and explain he sold it falsely as full service h
  13. Thanks for the replies , I'm trying to do some internet research , I !Removed! hope it's not the DMF ..... I'm going to get it serviced and the problem investigated at a toyota garage. Get them to diagnose the problem and then call other garages to get quotes. I'm really annoyed with seller and myself. The seller advertised it as having full service history but the last service stamp just says "workshop" and a signature. Also the mileage noted is 85k and dated 13/12 , however the mileage I bought it at was 91k so either the car had done 6k in 17 days or as I have said the last
  14. Hi there thanks for the reply , I am not aware of the potential issues with the engine of this era, could you explain please. Thank you
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