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  1. Hello mate. My apologies for not seeing your reply to my post sooner. My laptop broke over christmas and I have only just bought a replacement one today. I have indeed still got 1 blue top injector left. But if you need more than one thats also not a problem as my cousin has some spare from his old 94 M 1.6 carina E. His are the grey top denso injectors but these also work perfectly fine along side the blue top ones from the slightly newer models. A local guy who my cousin works with is currently running 3 blue injectors and one grey one in his carina and aparantly has no issues. As daft as th
  2. Hi Guys. First of all Happy new year to all members. Newbie to the club on the recomendation of my cousin. Here's the sad story. My beloved 1996 1.8 gs 5 door Carina e was wrecklessly smashed into by a boy racer 5 weeks ago whilst I was parked outside my local chinese. Luckyly I was in the take away collecting my tea when it happend, but little sod who hit my car did a runner. The Police are looking into it, but have just advised me to just get intouch with my insurance company. Great... Now the car is for certain a write off & my insurance company ar'nt exactly wanting to pay out much. A
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