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  1. Various thoughts on this, my local garage told me to just use a trickle charger. The more extreme option is to keep the engine on for about one hour periodically as it’s the hybrid that charges the 12v battery. Depending on time if year once the engine is warm it will power off for most of the time
  2. Roy, any recommendations on a small lithium jump pack? Cheers, Steve
  3. Interesting about the CHR, my local garage has told me that there are known issues with the 12v battery. My wife’s went flat last October after not using it in going on a two week holiday although it’s been ok since. I’m my opinion it’s the heated seats / steering wheel and short journeys that are partly the issue
  4. I get conflicting stories about how to charge my RAV4. The man who jumped my car said a number of dealers had told him to not use the terminal in the fuse box as it can screw the electronics. However, my local garage said it was ok to use it. So I’m confused
  5. No the RAV4 battery is hidden away in the boot so I think it’s AGM
  6. Thanks for the reply. The CHR battery is under the bonnet, type 350LN1-MF. It looks like a normal battery with the ability to top up the distilled water I’ve searched the internet but I can’t find out what type it is. Maybe it’s just a “normal” battery
  7. Guys, a quick question for help. In the family we have a 2020 CHR and a 2020 RAV4, both hybrids. Having had a flat battery in both cars I’ve bought a CTEK Good To Go charger. Do both cars have AGM batteries and should I be using that mode with the charger. BTW, local garage have not seem any issues with the RAVs but it’s a know issue with the CHRs. Thanks, Steve
  8. I went down to our local garage yesterday to talk with the service guys. I recently had my 2020 RAV4 battery go flat and my wife’s 2020 CHR went flat in October after being left for two weeks on holiday. Comment was that there is a know issue with CHR batteries but they have not seen a problem with the RAV4. I was told that I could charge the RAV4 battery in situ with a trickle charge. The breakdown man told me not to do that as it can blow the electronics. This information came from various Toyota dealers. Now I’m not sure what to do. Both cars do low mileage and Toyota may wriggle out of a free replacement if the issue continues. I'm going to try the one hour charge in READY mode
  9. Guys, I have a Rav4 (2014) and the manual states that if you turn press the start/stop button with the car in anything other than P then the engine and main electrics go off but the secondary electrics stay on. Works a treat on my Rav, I usually put the gear in N and then move to P when the engine is off. It solved the same frustration that everyone here has.
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