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  1. hi there every1, thanks for the water leak help, have another little issue i would like to have sorted on my otherwise perfect cari as ive named her lol, the central locking has gone a bit mad, you can lock it from the drivers side, but not unlock it, the key wont turn far enough, and the only way i can unlock it is to open the door from inside by pulling handle and sliding the unlock lever just above, is a tad annoying, and also when i start her and shut the door, the doors try to lock themselves, really scratching my head with it, any help would be great , thanks!!!!
  2. found it, leaky windscreen!!!, thanks for replies every1. :D
  3. ok have checked sunroof channels, all clear, so it looks like its the pollen filter or the windscreen are the 2 likely suspects, thanks for replies, will check these out
  4. thanks for replies, yep had the vent off and it seemed clear, but havent checked sunroof channels, will take a look, i believe it does have a pollen filter so will check that too, it dont have aircon. will get back to you asap
  5. have solved the wet boot problem, still getting water in the front, any ideas would be much appreciated thanks???
  6. thanks for quick reply, i did notice under where the spare is today it was wet, at least i kno where to check. its just the front thats the pain now, it got soaked again, apparently ive heard the door rubbers can fail???
  7. hi every1, my beautys a 1995 cdx auto saloon with the 4afe engine, shes done a modest 166k but still goin strong!!

  8. hi there fellow carina owners i have a 1995 carina cdx auto saloon, which i love to bits but ive got a couple of little probs, 1) ive got water in the drivers side footwell, checked sunroof channels but no joy and plenum chamber is clear so not sure. 2) the left hand corner of the boot is wet too, not sure how its getting in. any help in this matter would be gladly appreciated thanks