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  1. Is anyone aware of where I could get my hands on a Toyota or 86 dealership emblem for my garage? I have a Mazda one that needs some company Thanks in advance
  2. Yaris and punto wipers are common replcaements
  3. I have a spare one of these if anyone is interested? I also have a couple of JDM launch magazines, PM me if anyone is interested
  4. Here is a hires brochure pdf from Toyota http://www.toyota.co.uk/bv/leads/pdfFiles/rc64414.pdf Page doesn't open, but right click "Save link as" for your copy
  5. Ah got ya, i love it I want one I'd give it 19.5/20
  6. think u need an ecu that can take a solenoid to tell it when to come on and off
  7. in the vs they have a sensor that runs insiode the b-pillar i believe
  8. in my old n/a that switch below the dash wisted and was a rhiostat to adjust the brightness of the speedo dials etc
  9. think they were made for TRD by Recaro, that fabric shouldnt be so hard to come by
  10. reckon if u got it u could sell the interior 4 a lot more than it would add to the cost of the car, then get standard interior and sell car
  11. dealer is a definite no no, not a part they sell - try yahoo auctions
  12. far as i know theyr the same, that is the early version though, u may prefer the later style u do not need the wings either theyr the same
  13. clear indicators - Toyota Head/rearlights - No real options to speak of, later ep91 spec has a few options
  14. or u can get onto Envy and buy the proper Bride rails they fit bride and recaro seats, or mod ur own rails
  15. get em to look on the jap section of their epc under the chassis ep91-agmqy
  16. have u not been pulled for having ur number palte up there?
  17. I have got new ones of these cos ne had a slight chip in the corner iv highlighted this, shows just how fussy i am, u can just see slightly more of the black rubber underneath - looking at £40 the pair ono
  18. still pales into insignificance next to u hunny
  19. SiCaln

    Momo Bits

    not long now guys, bout 5hrs left
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