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  1. That sounds like a more hopeful approach. I added the pipe extension as previously detailed, but it never stopped leaking. I reckon there was something wrong in the A/C unit rather than just the condensate pipe. I'd be interested to hear what the findings are with your car, Docgsld, if you decide to go ahead.
  2. Brian, Thanks for that, that's reassuring, I'll wait a week and see how it is then. The under-carpet spongey stuff (which is on the line) may have dried by then too!
  3. Thanks chaps! Well, I managed to find a hose which was a pretty tight fit - what a silly design that is! The 'quill' style drain end is surrounded by a foam which is fitted in a manner that suggests it's designed to wick any water it can which issues forth from the drain! As I was manipulating the hose to fit, I could feel that the foam was saturated. I drove it around for a bit after fitting it and confirmed that the hose I had fitted was indeed passing water, but was also disappointed to see a small puddle in the footwell again after I parked up. I'm hoping that I am still 'benefitting' from the route which has (until now) been passing the water still having some water to come out. I wonder how long I will have to wait. Hmmph.
  4. I've noticed that there's a terrible smell in my wife's IQ - prodded the passenger footwell matting and it was sodden. Lifted and and took everything out to dry. Then, with the car running (AC on) I noticed that a little puddle collects (just in front of my finger in the 'photo). I couldn't figure where it was coming from (and this is just going back and forth on the drive). I went round the block and got about 10-15ml, no wonder it was awash with water. I'm going to look for this aircon drain now, but the source of the water seems to be in a weird position if that *is* the source! I have noticed that the water comes down directly above where my finger is - yet above that (near the gearbox linkages etc) is bone dry!
  5. Heidfirst - thanks for that pointer to the OEM part on Ebay, I'd missed that! Cheers.
  6. Ooh, that was interesting - the OP had some photos which were tantalisingly close to what I am after, it's just that his focus was elsewhere - I'll try a PM, I think - thanks!
  7. My mum (not me honest!) had someone bash into her mirror (while folded too!) which has cracked the cover but removed some of the mirror (chassis?) black plastic. The glass is OK and it still power folds and mirror adjusts fine. I know (since I enquired about our iQ recently) that a replacement mirror is likely to be expensive (> £400). I have a theory that wing/door mirrors have been targetted as an easy money maker by car parts suppliers :) I have some options and I was wondering what other folks may have done. 1. Buy a new mirror from official channels (and I assume that I need to have primed cover painted too!) 2. Buy a cheaper OEM part (any real difference?) 3. Buy from this guy - seems too good to be true and that, as my Mum says, is a warning :) I did find a person on a FIat forum that had successfully bought from them though. 4. Buy one that isn't exactly the same (since the power folding - indicator repeater version is not as common as the others) and strip it down to remove the mirror 'chassis'. I could get something from Ebay perhaps that could donate the bit I need. It just seems such an expense to go to when it is still functional, but missing some plastic! Incidentally do I really need to get a mirror covered sprayed, or is it possible to buy them pre-coloured to official factory colours? Thanks in advance John
  8. My mum has an Auris. She had a small bump with a fence recently which didn't damage the rear bumper but while it did it's energy absorption job, 'popped' out of the fitting where it meets the body work aft of the rear wheel. By pulling the bumper away at the point where it meets the body, I can see 3 lugs which are designed to clip into or hang off something. Underneath the bumper I can see a black plastic assembly which would seem to have the function of retaining the bumper, but there's noting obvious for the bumper clips to attach to. I was wondering if there was a guide that covered this? I have seen this guide, but that doesn't really provide the detail in this specific area that I am looking for. Right now, I am not sure if the bracket has the mating parts missing (are they sacrificial in time of impact perhaps?) or if I am just being thick about how it all goes together. I have tried searching these forums (and the web), so any help would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance John