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  1. Just returned to this forum after a long absence,had a 2006 2.2 136 bhp rav 4,with replacement toyota reworked engine achieving 50 mpg.Now driving 2014 148 bhp 2.2 and only getting 40 mpg.So much for newer cars.!!!!
  2. Just replaced fog light on my 4.3 .£86.00 from mr T.Could not find one any where else.Bumper I guess is the same,mine is repairable at £100!!!
  3. Had Toyota rebuilt replacement engine 30 months ago,30,000 miles.no problems,returning 46 mpg at 80 mph on obc,xt4 136 bhp.no particulate filter,no cat.will be keeping a few more years .
  4. Sounds like fuel starvation,check fuel cap vent is not blocked,try driving with fuel cap loosened to allow air in .
  5. Bought Lidl's roof bars,happy with them but they do whistle when not carrying anything.They are easily removed when not needed. Fitted to Rav 4.2 5 door. Viv.
  6. Actualy cost me £50 labour,must assume the offer to repair @£140 was changed without contacting me to replacement by garage or warranty co.I had words at the garage that supplied car and advised purchasing 3yr warranty.Have had new starter motor and now new cv joint.Thanks for all input.Viv.
  7. No reports of rubber boot failure from to separate inspections,seems to be badly worn & unrepairable.But sorted now.
  8. Mike,car ok now ,vibration all gone with replacement cv joint,just looking for a reason for what seems premature failure of a cv joint that no one else seems to have had.
  9. Just found out joint too worn to recondition,so was replaced with new inner cv joint.Could the joint have been damaged when the engine was replaced by mr T 12000mls ago?
  10. Had inner offside cv joint reconditioned at a cost of £150 ,removal &reffiting £50,drives fine up to 90mph.vibration free at last.
  11. Try carspares24 tel 01895440321,found on Ebay when looking for key repairs,not used them yet,seems right price. Viv
  12. Thanks for that gjn will contact them tomorrow.
  13. Has anyone experienced cv joint failure,especially inner joint? Mine has failed at 85000mls.Would like to hear because warranty(,not by Toyota) say normal wear !!
  14. Latest,confirmed by 2nd investigation inner cv joint offside.But warranty will not cover the fault.Expecting a bill for £1000+ if I go ahead and authorise repairs.
  15. Thanks for that,car now in hands of garage where purchased with 3yr warranty bought at the same time.
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