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  1. Yes but your question was not about responsibility for the repair work but whether he had any duty to declare that the vehicle had been repaired previously. These are two different things hence my reply. I am pleased it is being rectified to your satisfaction.
  2. Glad it's not just us with the fuel cap! It goes back on but doesn't appear to lock. She felt a right twit at the garage first time trying to get it off. So what are you supposed to do?
  3. Whatever the bars say you will find the mpg amazing if you drive it sensibly. It's just ridiculous how many miles you can do before having to fill up.
  4. I predict that this car will be a pretty popular sight on our roads because the funky styling is unique and will stand out from the usual crowd of small boxes. The interior looks pretty decent to me too and the 'exposed metal' is clearly deliberate. I also like the way they contrast the frontal X to the main body colour. Let's face it no-one buys an Aygo for the driving experience. It's a no nonsense low cost car and the new model simply adds some flair to the design which will be popular with the younger buyers looking for budget motoring but with some individuality.
  5. Have not bothered with the screws on ours as it fits tight and hasn't budged (so far)
  6. Is it me or a forum setting? I cannot copy & paste content or url links etc into reply boxes like where I am posting now?
  7. http://www.salon-auto.ch/fr/ 2 webcams showing the construction of the motorshow updated every 4 seconds. In case anyone is interested :) Mod Edit - Raistlin Fixed Url ;)
  8. Probably depends on your area. Never had any issues with them in over 30 years but yes just leave it open. It really looks neat when it's on.
  9. I got mine off Ebay. Look for Snowgroupwest. Item 261312866799. Quick delivery and it's the newer version with the sliding handle. I also found I didn't need to use the fittings. It just clipped on and has stayed on.
  10. I agree but it's still impressive even if that happens.
  11. My g/f bought hers on the 15th January and I went and put £40 in to fill it up. She has not had to add to that in the month that has passed and has now covered nearly 400 miles and the guage is still showing half full. I have not calculated it but reckon she must be getting 60mpg.
  12. Like I said it isn't so much of a problem these days as cars are much better rust proofed but it's in the handbook for a reason. You can also ask people like HonestJohn for the Telegraph and he will say the same thing. A wet car cannot dry off properly in a garage and anything which creates condensation inside the bodywork should be avoided. At the end of the day it's no huge deal and your Aygo isn't going to rot away and you will probably have sold it long before it rusts anyway. :)
  13. People who put their car away wet in a garage think it's better than leaving it outside. In fact leaving it outside the wind dries the car off and you can then put it inside or just leave it out. I have parked our cars outside for the last 15 years and never had any rust appear anywhere. The manual is trying to avoid sudden changes in temperature causing condensation inside the bodywork where there is less protection. If you put a warm car in a cold damp garage it can cause condensation. To be fair, modern cars are a lot better protected and corrosion is rare these days. They tend to we
  14. The general rule as I understand it is: If you ask if the car has been in a (non write off) crash/repair and the dealer knows it has but says it hasn't he is liable. If you don't ask and the dealer knows it has he is not liable to tell you as long as he is happy that the repair is of suitable standard and has not compromised the car in any way. If you ask but the dealer genuinely didn't know it had then you cannot expect him to be liable. If the car has been subject to a low category write off he has to declare it whether you ask or not and obviously you should always get an HP check anyway.
  15. That's great Andy thanks. :)
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