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  1. rav4kay


    Ok, so the arches will bolt onto the gx model?
  2. rav4kay


    Hi, iv seen there's the rav4.1 with the chunky arches and there's the ones without. I was just wondering if there was any difference in them?
  3. Yeh I like those bars But didnt really want to pay that much lol. Second hand would probably be best.
  4. No idea, I'm just happy now there's no clunk when im driving. On the look out for some side steps now.
  5. Yes, unplugged the sensor from the diff lol
  6. rav4kay

    Side Steps

    Hi, is there any other swb side steps that will fit on the mk 1 rav4 other than the ones specifically made for them? Obviously id expect some modifications.
  7. Right, gear oil done, all bushes snd mounts including engine mounts, prop bushes/ mount all been changed. So could only be rear diff, front diff or transfer box. Just dont know which ones to spend money on if its not that one thats causing the problem.
  8. Yes the rear, my car is in a garage at mo having rear arm changed and one of the mechanics suggests the diffs are out of sync so thinks the rear is the wrong one. Do you know what the part code is meant to be?
  9. Just out of curiosity, if someone put a rear diff from a manual car onto an auto, what effects would that have?
  10. Ok thank you. I will try them now.
  11. Would a transfer box off a manual fit an auto? Im struggling to find any auto spares.
  12. Well I dont know for certain, just guessing as thats what it sounds like. It will sometimes do it when the car changes gear.
  13. Have just tried taking the vaccum pipe off, made no difference :(
  14. Ok, I will try an oil change first but I just need to know what oil to use. Can anybody help?
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