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  1. this is last year's update, so it could well be working now although I haven't bothered to update mine
  2. I don't notice any significant power loss, maybe I'm just used to it.
  3. my apple iphone was the same, you have to use the cable every time you want to use google maps. I got an adaptor that allows the phone to pair via wifi and it works with google maps without having to plug in the cable.
  4. Hi fully automatic driver here as well, I passed in an auto too. I would echo what others say, you could save up and buy a new Aygo x which has a CVT gearbox which will be nicer to drive in. I'm in a mk2 Aygo but I did used to have a 2014 mk1 Aygo like yours and you need to watch for rolling back on hills, so always use the handbrake with gentle throttle.
  5. If you've got a fairly up to date iphone it should work via apple car play? you'll need to use a USB cable to connect it first time.
  6. I just had my two year intermediate service, and they always just do an exterior wash and vac inside, but its nothing special really.
  7. Considering it was a 2009 Aygo, she's done well to last until now before the gearbox starts playing up.
  8. was going to say I used my phone in my 2017 before I swapped to my 2020 Aygo, I used an extremely strong magnet which went on the radio dash just on the left of my windscreen.
  9. My mum has just got a brand new Yaris but her private plate with 57 can confuse people thinking it looks older
  10. The mk2 x shift seems to be more reliable.
  11. Me too, I know the CVT gearbox is really good and it'll be a great improvement for the Aygo. I'll be swapping next year as well.
  12. Aygos are not hybrids, so that's not an issue at all
  13. I noticed that phone update has changed what my apple car play does because it doesn't automatically go to the current playlist my phone stays on, it stays at the main screen where it offers you the option to browse for other music.
  14. Wouldn't hurt to check the spark plugs x
  15. Most cars of that age will sit happily for 3 weeks without the batteries draining.
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