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  1. Ah right, so stop in neutral, put handbrake on, turn off engine then move to E or M. That makes sense.
  2. My X play is an MMT, I leave her in E as standard for parking. I didn't know leaving them in gear and turning off confused the gear box. I park on the level but I like to leave it in gear in case the hand brake failed.
  3. I don't know that maybe ask a toyota dealer?
  4. yeah I noticed my 2020 Aygo has less noise in the cabin, and the MMT auto is a lot smoother.
  5. yes it should do its on the central display screen underneath the speedometer. You have to press the little buttons to get it to display the temperature.
  6. Wiz201

    New Aygo Owner

    Welcome, I've got the MMT auto version of the Aygo so I don't need to worry about stalling lol. Just picked up my new 2020 plate Aygo last week, how are you finding it?
  7. Wiz201

    Introducing Nancy

    yeah they're great and much easier to keep clean than alloys
  8. Wiz201

    Introducing Nancy

    yeah when I said a blast, it was a gentle one lol. I made sure I braked gently as well.
  9. Having a nice new car day, first place in public she had to go to was the hospital as I had a blood test. Going to give her a blast down the motorway later.
  10. Wiz201

    Winter tyres

    yeah we had a bit of slushy stuff and I enjoyed carving lines into the right hand lane on the M62 and m606 to bradford. I'm still slightly careful but nowhere near snails pace like some drivers are.
  11. I went to sign finance documents today and had a look at her in the compound.
  12. Wiz201

    Tyre replacement

    well I've just worked out that the new ones will be going on the rear anyway.
  13. Wiz201

    Tyre replacement

    Yes, she will be called Bianca, after the white mouse in Disney Rescuers and the fact she's white. Keighley is a little far for me to go, I've got a good choice of tyre garages in Huddersfield. I'm going to sign the finance documents on Thursday and I'll get to have a look at her then as she got delivered to RRG Huddersfield on Friday. I was thinking worst tyres should go on the rear, after all Aygos are front wheel drive.
  14. Wiz201

    Tyre replacement

    I found with the pirellis they were good on snow, only packed snow and ice I had issues if I didn't get any momentum going.
  15. I'm looking to replace two of my all weather tyres that have worn down a bit after two and a half years on the front. I'm going to swap the rear ones to the front on my new Aygo when I pick her up, and then I'm going to buy two new ones. I'm torn between going for another pair of pirellis all weather ones or putting a pair of Goodyear Vector all seasons on. Would you recommend I go for the same brand to match or is it ok to mix brands of tyres as long as they're the same on each pair?