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  1. I've seen on another thread that it can be the actuator that is the cause of the problem. I mentioned this when I booked mine in for a service online, it's for Wednesday the 17th March, so I'll let you know what they say. But I have just been dealing with it as a quirk up until now.
  2. I don't know if you can upgrade, but I find that with a combination of stick on blind spot mirrors and the reversing camera, I never really use the lines. If you haven't got them, then they're a cheaper way of giving you extra visibility for reversing.
  3. yeah I remember my old Tom Tom, it was great.
  4. Might be the alternator not charging the battery?
  5. compared to a Carolla, an Aygo is going to feel very different. As you say, its a cheaper car so its going to be made with cheaper parts. Having said that, since the 2018 facelift, they have improved. I drive an auto and that used to feel clunky as well, but its got a lot smoother now when I got my 2020 aygo.
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one to read it wrong lol
  7. weird that Frostyballs said they're the same, but I swear the mk2 seats are better than the mk1 versions.
  8. Wiz201

    Car manual

    I think I've only seen downloadable PDFs, I was surprised to still get one when I got my 2020 Aygo last year.
  9. might need a diagnostic obd reader or scanner to look for any fault codes.
  10. Technically its a fault with the car, although the Aygo itself is fantastic and don't for a minute feel like that. 1000s of Aygos are produced, and some manufacturing faults are bound to slip through the net. Just take it to the toyota garage, its under warranty.
  11. you may need to disconnect it from the fuse box, this thread shows where it should be on an mk1 aygo
  12. yes, usually just give them a good tug. I had the boot button frozen once or twice as well. Only way to prevent it is to put a full cover over the car, or put it in a garage.
  13. oh dear, obviously a bit deaf to beeps. I find that when I use google maps, they give a good visual warning to speed anyway.
  14. had any large packages on the front seat? weight can set off the seat belt alarm.
  15. I decided to try it after seeing this thread, so far it works fine for me. I was getting more bluetooth glitches without this adapter.
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