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  1. Wiz201


    yes you can get a glove box door for the aygo. Would like to see piccies please x
  2. my lights flicker when I put the demist fan on for a few seconds, I think that's normal. I've no other issues.
  3. I had Autoglass body repair do my mk1 Aygo when I had bent the bottom bumper on a low wall. Cost £300ish
  4. Shouldn't be doing that, maybe the clutch has gone?
  5. I tried it and got to 14 miles left and my Aygo started to not sound very well. So I wouldn't try it tbh. I just fill up with about 50 miles left or when she gets to 300 miles done.
  6. I've noticed it on mine as it shows clearly on red but I've never been concerned. Thought it looked a bit like condensation lol
  7. This was my mk2 Aygo last time we had some serious snow. I run Pirelli All weather tyres for two and half years now, never had a problem in snow. Only compacted ice is an issue.
  8. Ive had two MMTs and they both did that randomly. My current 2017 aygo did it a lot when I first got her. I don't think its the clutch overheating as in between times, they drive absolutely fine.
  9. if you have an existing warranty its best to stick to Toyota dealers.
  10. Wiz201

    Aygo MMT gearbox

    I've had two automatic Aygos, a 2014 mk1 and currently a 2017 mk2 x shift or new mmt. They both did the slide into neutral and beep but I just put up with it as it doesn't happen very often. I only keep them on a pcp for 3 years so I've never experienced the longivity of the mmt gearboxes.
  11. Wiz201

    Bumper Damage

    I used auto restore (sister company of autoglass) see if they can help you with that? You probably just overheated your clutch when you were struggling on the hill.
  12. Wiz201


    off top of my head with my previous Move with Style Aygo (over two years ago since I've had one so bear with me) but I seem to remember having to change the audio source on the radio so that the sat nav mount would work.
  13. Wow, mine would be on the last bar just under 400 miles
  14. This is when I upgrade to a new Aygo next year.
  15. that's good, tbh I could never afford their x nav anyway. I'll be able to pair my iphone with the touch screen which is good.