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  1. This is why I mainly buy new every 3 years, I get them through their first MOT and ignore the warnings I might get on the report and just swap the car for a new one.
  2. my mk1 Aygo had mats that just pushed down over pegs and were held in place by those.
  3. I find mine is no problem on motorways, heads up a hilly motorway to Bradford at 80mph overtaking cars and trucks. I don't think doing a europe trip would be any different to driving around the UK for the same length of time.
  4. I would just drive normally tbh and brake with as fast reactions as you can. I would never rely on any technology to do emergency braking for me.
  5. Hi I looked up the recommended tyre size for your age of Aygo and its 155/65 R14 75T. Although they recommend 14 inch rims there are 15 inch rims that can fit Aygos
  6. Yep time flies when I'm having fun in an Aygo. She had her two year service last month and no problems whatsoever. Its a shame I can't save enough money to buy her but I'll be trading her in for another Aygo next year, just going to see her through her MOT.
  7. Pictures don't really do her justice but I love how a £25 valet really brings her back to looking like new.
  8. Lovely choice, a piccie would be nice 😉
  9. Nice one, I have a 2017 x play at the moment. I had a yaris cvt as a courtesy car at my service and it seemed almost boring and lack luster to drive despite being 1.5 litre. I think despite the Aygo being only 1 litre the accelaration is better and I've been able to set off first from lights in front of other vehicles.
  10. Wiz201

    Beeping sound?

    My x play was registered 2017 and hasn't got TSS. It beeps only when put in reverse for reversing sensors/mmt auto and that's it apart from low petrol warning which I know about and never usually let it go down that low.
  11. I'd recommend a Jazz, didn't think of that one. First car I drove and only got written off in an accident but had no issues with it.
  12. I've had both cars. I'd definitely go for a yaris although I've been happy with my last two aygos on finance. I drive automatics so can't comment on the clutch issues. Maybe see if you can source automatic yaris or an aygo for her?
  13. Wiz201


    As in the title, what does TSS stand for? I've seen them as options on the new aygo models but what's the difference between a normal x play and a TSS x play?
  14. yes the X shift is automatc