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  1. Wiz201

    New Aygo, First Impressions/Questions...

    I have an X play MMT 2017, so it isn't up to date with the current style Aygo. I connect my phone through bluetooth for answering any calls and playing music which is great. I still tend to use my phone for browsing music choice before setting off. I've found that even with driving in E I have got to know what gear Rosie is likely to be in so if I know I'm going downhill and I know she's probably in 4th gear I do sometimes override with the paddle to change down to 3rd as it helps with speed control without using the brakes too much. The rev counter helps a lot with knowing what gear she is in, the lower the revs the higher the gear.
  2. Wiz201

    If the unthinkable happens

    I doubt a brand new battery would be dead after only two months?
  3. Wiz201

    What MP3 player do you use?

    Have you made sure you turn up to full volume on the iphone? When I play mine its always turned up to full volume then I adjust with the volume on the car radio.
  4. Wiz201

    New Aygo Coming!

    I've got the X shift X play, bought 2017. I personally love the way the car drives and having driven mk1 and mk2 aygo I'm used to the noisy 3 cylinder engine. I think it adds to the charm, and I've often pulled away from lights leaving other traffic at a standstill, and she's responsive when accelerating away from roundabouts. If you drive in rush hour the lack of clutch to control would be a bonus for you I think. I have given manual mode a go with the flappy paddles and it does work well although I don't think its true manual mode as the aygo still changes down automatically.
  5. Wiz201

    Toyota Aygo/C1/108 luggage cover differences

    I stopped using mine as it kept coming off
  6. Wiz201

    Auto gearbox

    I leave mine in E unless I'm stopped for ages then I select neutral
  7. Wiz201

    Which gear do you use ??

    As said by Frostyballs, I treat her more like a manual rather than an automatic apart from driving in E. If they're designed to be overridden then it won't harm the transmission.
  8. Wiz201

    Which gear do you use ??

    My x shift likes to stay in a lower gear going up hills like 3rd or 4th depending on the gradient but she changes up as soon as she can. I override it sometimes going downhill as I find that engine braking is better than using the brakes for speed control.
  9. Wiz201

    Feels sluggish

    How often do you do motorway trips? Mine has ticked over 16 k mileage in just over a year (yep long trips to work) and has always felt spirited and ready to go. Mixture of motorway and urban driving.
  10. Wiz201

    Tyres - second generation Aygo

    I found this when looking for all weather tyres for my aygo, limited choice as its not a standard size.
  11. Wiz201

    Memory Lane

    I'm only 33 so have been driving about 11 years now. First car was my dad's Honda Jazz which was written off in a non fault accident in 2012. It had done 80k mileage due to dad using it for work then I nabbed it for dog agility shows.
  12. Wiz201

    Director's Cost Price Sale..

    yeah I've got a similar deal but I've just spent a lot at the dentist so I'm not ready to swap with a deposit. I've only had Rosie a year anyway.
  13. I received an offer through the post today to have an early swap with a 0% interest deal but I've only had Rosie just over a year. I'm going to build up more money for the deposit first. They were offering £1500 deposit towards it though.
  14. Yes staying with the same dealer I think will get you better deals because they want you to stay with them. I'm not bothered really, I think running a new car on a three year basis with only one MOT to worry about is good for me.
  15. With the 2018 facelift and updated tech on the x play model, I would be renewing my pcp again. I save up enough money for a deposit, last time I only had to pay £500.