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  1. so 120k miles in 11 years? Not high, that's average lol.
  2. bit of a risk but I know of people who left their gas caps unlocked on mk1 aygos.
  3. Wiz201

    Aygo valuation

    start at £3000 really, sounds like a well looked after car.
  4. Wiz201

    aygo shuddering

    is it okay in warmer weather? My previous auto agyos had always shuddered a bit when pulling away, especially when cold or on steep hills, but once they got going they were fine.
  5. The automatic is a lot better and doesn't use much more petrol than a manual, maybe swap to that instead?
  6. Wiz201


    wow that's extreme, luckily from my parents, I always knew a car needed an oil change every year.
  7. Wiz201


    No, but it shouldn't make any difference as Frostyballs has mentioned, with regards to taking out a service plan.
  8. Wiz201


    I'm contacted, but it might be because I'm on a service plan. I'm usually way ahead of them anyway as I book at least a month in advance. I like my service plan, yes I'm paying some interest, but it gives me peace of mind knowing its paid, so I just need to drop off the car and its done. I cannot use non toyota garages or parts as I've got a warranty on my 20 plate Aygo.
  9. yes a lot of noises can occur, I get the sound of a rattling dashboard when I'm stopped at traffic lights sometimes.
  10. interior lights don't make the battery go flat, I've been parked at dog shows all day in the past with doors open in the last two aygos with no issues.
  11. yeah that's normal, they make a lot of noise with the AC. I just turn the radio volume up.
  12. PM Parts King, he might be able to help
  13. pfft the old oops, lets run away. Somebody did a good surface scratch on my mk1 Aygo once, good thing it buffed off.
  14. I've had a 2020 aygo since March and never noticed any smell.
  15. I had a dent on the lower side of my mk1 aygo, fixed for around £300, bigger than yours, but for that price it was worth it. if you intend on keeping the car until it dies, then I don't think its worth fixing it, I used a wax rust protection cream on it for a while until I had the pennies to get it fixed.