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  1. 2016 model. I had a 2012 previously. Steven Eagell Toyota and customer care have said that they will repair the rust on Wednesday 8th March but my point is that I bought a brand new truck costing £33,000 in October and their attitude has been dismissive at best. The bumper is rusty and the sensors don't work. I think a replacement bumper is a reasonable request rather than having someone !Removed! around with a bit of rust inhibitor which frankly is the absolute least they can do. On top of that the Hilux Pickup Owners Club have flagged this up as a persistent fault with owners requiring repeated visits for rust repairs before eventually getting a replacement bumper. If I was to try to sell this vehicle on, I would suffer financially on re-sell value. We'll see how they get on with the repair to the chrome bumper but bearing in mind that it's already been back for a repair to the hard top window which still leaks I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Hi all, I purchased a brand new Invincible X in October of 2016 and last month the reversing sensors started sounding as soon as the vehicle was put in reverse. It's an intermittent fault but tends to happen when there is damp in the air. Upon checking the sensors for dirt I noticed that there is rust around the holes cut for the sensors. Having checked this forum and noted that the problem has been reported before. I took the motor back to Steven Eagell Milton Keynes who, whilst acknowledging the two faults, can't see the correlation between the two. I have asked for the bumper to be replaced but Steven Eagell say that Toyota will only repair the rust. This seems unacceptable to me particularly on a 5 month old vehicle and I've contacted Toyota customer services via email to complain. Any advice or thoughts? I'm thinking of asking for my money back.