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  1. Looks a clean one. I had a 2002 with the D4D engine so sorry cannot help with MPG figures for the 2.4. (Mine was auto too and did on average 34 mpg) It was a 3 litre though. I hope you get some replies. Max
  2. I would try disconnecting the reverse light switch, to see if the problem is with the reverse lights. Not sure where it is fitted on yours but if it cures the fault it gives you a starting point.
  3. Just taken a photo of a new 2.4 Hilux here in Thailand, it is a number of trucks with the wheel arch guards in our area. Not sure if they are factory fit but do look good on the 2016 model.
  4. Caught up with a new 2.8 litre 2016 Hilux in a town near my holiday home in Thailand, got this photo as the 2.4 and 2.8 look so alike.
  5. I see they have relocated the intercooler on the 2016 model, no longer an air intake in the bonnet.
  6. I like the idea of the cool box in the dash being connected to the AC system, it will be useful in warm climates.
  7. I have just popped to my local Toyota dealer here in Thailand before I set sail for UK in May. I wanted to find out the power output for the new 2.8 litre engine in the 2016 Hilux - I hope to put an order in next year, finances permitting. Over here they are offering two variants - one with 420 Nm of torque and one with 450 Nm. Power is quoted as 177 HP on both engines.
  8. They have them here already in Thailand. It's named the Revo here, lovely truck selling well
  9. Hi max, new alternator fitted but still not charging the batteries is it likely they need replacing as well. One or both? Cheers

    1. Max34


      I doubt it Scouser61, they can be easily checked by a specialist, even a parts factors will probably have the equipment.  It sounds like you have a major problem I would seek the advice of a good auto electrician in your area.  (Expensive to guess what might be the cause and change parts at random).  Ask at a good "non franchise" workshop if they know anyone.  Sorry not any further help.

    2. Scouser61


      I found the problem I had not tightened the connection on the alternator. Works like a dream now. Thanks for the help and advice.

  10. Quite easy, you will need a long bar and 14mm socket to release the tension from the belt and refit it but otherwise quite straightforward. Remember battery disconnection first
  11. Total guess does your van have a double mass fly wheel?
  12. Thanks DervDave, brilliant info as ever
  13. Thanks for the info guys. I am happy to change the belt as parts over here are quite cheap £60 for a new belt, tensioner and roller. I wanted to know about the light as to how I put it out if it does come on - I guess Toyota plug it in - maybe recorded in the cluster. Thanks again.
  14. Hi Guys, can any one help? When is the T Belt warning lamp supposed to be activated? Is it on a certain amount of stretch of the belt? On time?? My handbook is in Thai so I can't refer to it. (And the Mrs isn't too technical either) LOL I did read a post of an early Hilux Tiger where the light came on and the guy was going to fit a belt. Any info greatly accepted. Mark
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