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  1. Happy Birthday janagyjr!

  2. This will be the third time in two months. Last month/earlier this month I had my timing chain kit changed out (twice, first time was because chain jumped time, second time mechanic caused one of the sprockets to shatter) and each time they just drained and put new in iirc. Anyway, I've collected the coolant in a bucket and have it sitting away from where animals can get to it.
  3. Alternator cannot be rebuilt (oil leak and coolant spray from improperly secured water pump killed it) and the thermostat is garbage (would not actuate at 190F and spec is 180F if I'm not mistaken). Does anyone have any recommendations for either? I am considering getting both parts from Rock Auto (I found a Denso alternator for $108USD before S&H (and yes, that's with core charge) and OE spec thermostat for under $6 before S&H) but if I can get it local I'd like to as this is my work and day-to-day vehicle so any manufacturer recommendations are welcome (I am doing a price comparison
  4. Alright, I'll stick to the 50/50 but in the cold weather we're having right now I'm not too concerned about overheating, especially since I just replaced the water pump not too long ago.
  5. I'm looking at cleaning off my temperature gauge sensor in the next week or so and was wondering how much coolant will I have to capture in a container? I'm not real certain how much coolant is actually in the engine and the Chilton's manual says I should drain the coolant from the engine before messing with this particular sensor. It seems like I should only have to drain as much as would bring the level down below where the sensor is but again, not really sure how much I'm looking at. While the Chilton's manual says to run 50/50 coolant/water mix, would there be any harm (aside to the walle
  6. Though I didn't put any particular translation (I've become partial to AKJV here recently, though), what would you suggest? Would referencing Psalm 15 be alright?
  7. Thank you Raistlin for the warm welcome.
  8. I'm having a similar problem on my '89 Pickup and I've found the throttle position sensor to be faulty and my mechanic also thinks the fuel pump is at issue (already changed the fuel filter, which was full of garbage unfortunately) as he's had a similar issue on one of his pickups (a Ford) and changing out the fuel pump solved it.
  9. Cool, I'll check out that section, thanks. (:
  10. Thanks for the welcome, Frosty. Where would you suggest a newbie such as myself start out here on this site?
  11. Hi all, my name is Alex. I love God, sometimes preach, teach, and lead bible studies (online via email and in-person). I've been born-again for almost 5 years, am married for almost 3. I enjoy studying the Bible, working hard, and growing ever closer to our Lord and Savior. I also like spending time with friends and family, messing around on the Internet, and reading (mostly non-fiction these days). I'm a foodie of sorts (I'll eat almost anything at least once), enjoy cooking and coming up with new recipes. Coffee is the number 1 drink in my house, followed by sweet tea, and milk. God ha
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