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  1. Where do i get one for YTS (Fron spoier) that fits on oem holes under bumper???
  2. Hi there, Has anyone got any info or pics on which is the best exhaust to get? Seriously i want an exhaust that doesn't sound too loud or too big if u get what i mean however i want like a sporty sound which seems to be a moderate purrrrr.....not drumming when u drive on the motorway... Any pics or reviews on HKS....TTE...TRD exhaust for YTS???? Prefarbly pics with these installed on ure cars..if u could post some pics of all ure exhaust with the makes thanks its much appreciated!!!!
  3. Hi i would appreciate some replys as it is much needed at the moment as i am wiling to spend money on my YTS... Right can u guys give me links and help as to who and where fits these parts... 1) Front Spoiler for YTS (Who stocks these or wot is th Toyota part number and does the dealer fir these? (Price...?) 2) Hks Hiper Muffler Cat back Exhaust (95mm/4 inch approx), Does these sound the dogs bits? Have any of you ppl out there got any pics of this fitted? I can get hold of one of these as i know someone who has them in stock...its true cancelled orders from peple who never collected. Sound samples..didn't think so? 3) Are these Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers from Komi the dogs bits....do they look cool fitted and these in my opinion look like the ones fitted on the yaris vitz in the video (http://www.toyota.co.jp/Showroom/customize/vitz/sportscustom/rs_turbo/sound/download/vitz_si_high.wmv) Look when the engine is revved ook very similar to komi's.......Secondly who stocks and fits these? 4) What other useful parts seem to outstand that you people know of? Such as from fensport without going silly? Thanks guys replys to this posted will have feedback on my YTS and i do hope you can help even with a small reply. Regards David ( ) Current on YTS Professionally tinted windows
  4. Right the calipers atm are as standard and i would like to piant them a different colour.....my wheels and alloys are as standard and the colour of the car is carribbean blue or electric blue as you will. Has anyone got any pics and whats the best paint to use (engine paint??) Please replay as iy is much appreciated!!!!
  5. Hi all...Don't look at my age as some of you elderly folk lol will look at me and think i know nothing however i do know enough about YTS. To cut a story short if u wanna know i passed my test 2 days after my birthday on the 14th July with non stop driving in my yaris t-sport and i took my test in my YTS..... However to get to the point i have been wantking a more burble from the exhaust and a little more sportier noise however as standard when you are next to a wall the noise sounds sweet. So i have been looking for a better exhaust such as th HKS HI-TI as miss tsport has one i know....i have been quoted £450 inc vat and fitting for this cat-back system from HKS with the Hiper Ti muffler which is is 95mm or 4inch approx. I haven't yet got the exhaust and i cannot list the dealer where he has one in stock as i have ytet to place my order on Monday...sorry guys...however you won't have to wait 4-6 weeks onc i post the link. :) Another point is that HKS will be releasing a new Zorst made from stainless steel and Titanium tailpiece which should be nice aswell. Can i ask a few question about the HKS Zorst for YTS? 1)Does it drum on the mororway doing like 70-80 mph? 2)Does it use factory fitting clamps from existing exhaust? 3)Whta price where you quoted inc vat? 4)Is this the one you have in the picture on the left hand side http://www.tdi-plc.com/toyota_yaris.html? 5)Please can u send me pics of the HKS zorst only please.....e-mail and messenger mann_d99@hotmail.com THX your help is much appreciated!!! My insurance was alot yes.....
  6. Hi... :D This is one of my first posts on the forum ... A little about me i am 17 years old just and my mum and dad have kind of give me a yaris t-sport but i gave them a little towards the car!!! £3000 Now i expect you all to be thinking many things right now....like 1500CC for 17 year old hehehehehe OR HES is lieing....but seriously yes its true and yes i am insured!!! LOL and don't treat me like i am stupid cos i now exactly ebout cars.. :D Now my question to you t-sport owners is how and where do i get a front spoiler for my yaris TS can u give me any links or phone numbers prefarbly in the UK.. Your help will be much appreciated....I kno these links if you don't know already 1...http://www.boostertuning.com 2...http://www.toyota-irl.com/phpwebsite/mod.php?mod=userpage&menu=826&page_id=79 And a few others if you can be of help add me to hotmail or post back here!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!! I WILL REPLY (mann_d99@hotmail.com)
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