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  1. Doesn't help owners of 8 year old cars though does it? Whilst I appreciate a cut-off point must be made it must be a real sickener to those who bought a Toyota on the back of their reputation of reliability to be hit by a £3000 bill due to a design fault. Also, whilst we are at it, charging £1100 for a bit of exhaust system is frankly disgusting on a car of this nature.
  2. Right, decision made then. I'll stay firmly away. Many thanks for the advice. Such a shame that such a good car is blighted by such a poor piece of engineering.
  3. Thanks. So is the piston issue a gradual thing or something that happens rapidly for some reason? So, do you see oil consumption going up over 10,000 miles or does it get more rapidly worse? In essence, I'm asking if a T180 isn't displaying any problems now after careful inspection would it be ok for a while or could it just go wrong very quickly?
  4. .........Coz it is not a cylinder head or gasket only problem, mate. No new do swap.....jog backwards. I think I will stay away from it :) So, what is the actual problem then if its not head gasket failure?
  5. Hmm, so it sounds like a bad idea then? Shame really as swapping cars would have been ideal for us both otherwise :( so why can't the head gasket just be changed on this engine like on all others? Why does it necessitate a new 3/4 engine swap?
  6. I'm looking at doing a car swap with a friend for her 2006 T180 on 60k miles. It has never had a replacement engine and is obviously now out of warranty on the engine. Would buying this be a horrendous mistake if the head gasket failure is going to happen or is it not likely? Really don't want to buy this if a £3000 bill for a new engine is the only solution to a fault that is inevitable or is it just not that likely? Is there anything you can do to prevent this happening or any easy way to spot early signs of failure? Is there any other problems I should be looking for?