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  1. Job all done, loosened the ABS brackets which has 3 bolts and managed to move the ABS unit up a little just enough to remove the 14mm bolt holding the upper engine mount, is was a little pig to get the mounting out but there is a certain way or rotation that made it easy, the mounting on the engine block came out from underneath, it was also I pig to remove the upper timing cover case, Belts/water pump and seals all done engine running perfect and no flapping of the belts against the belt covers. Thanks all for the advice, savi18
  2. I have removed the bolts that hold the engine mount on the block, it looks impossible to remove it downwards past the lower timing cover it looks like it has to come upwards, the main problem is the mounting bolt for the upper mounting which bolts to the body is behind the ABS unit, do I need to remove the ABS unit, don't really want to disconnect all the hydraulic lines but if I have to I have to. Cheers Savi18
  3. Hi All. This is my first post as new member, Just bought a 1994 Rav4 2.0 auto 4WD, come to do the timing belt as it never been changed in 20 years and mileage is at 140,000 km, yep I know should have snapped by now but it was rattling badly against the timing covers so all going well till I try to remove the RH engine mount, all the bolts are out but the ABS unit is in the way, does this ABS complete unit have to be removed to access one of the bolts holding the upper engine mount so I can remove both parts of the mountings. Cheers savi18
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