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  1. Could they not reflash the ecu. I would contact a company called BBA Reman, and chat them about having it tested. Something tells me they are following standard testing protocol, via their workshop software. I would source a good independent workshop around you, maybe even a toyota specialist.
  2. Wouldn't think so. It's a high pressure pump. The only thing is the SCV valve mounted on the pump. This can in some cases require a software update. Normally the injectors are coded.
  3. Just to follow up on this. The above fault cleared, but was still hard start, Checked return pipe from injectors, injector 2 passing diesel. Reconditioned all injectors and no issue since.
  4. seen this on a landcruiser, and one injector did prevent it from starting, the diesel was bypassing the injector and out the return. The rail pressure wasn't high enough and we did change the pump, which didn't cure the issue.
  5. Change the Bolts for clamping the injectors in place, as these are stretch bolts. Once you get the injector out there will be a load of crud down in the tube, this will have to be cleaned out. Also you may need to re-cut the injector seat, using a seat cutter.
  6. A strengthened door skin on the new door, and a modified door strap, with an extra bracket included on the door strap.
  7. Try one of thoses find a part sites. There are plenty over here being broken, only issue would be the price of shipping.
  8. I done it to my own car using techstream system. The dealers may not switch is off for some safety reason, but worth an ask. You can also set it up to open all doors when the car is switched off and driver door opened.
  9. Hello I was wondering if any of ye had this fault come up on your landcruisers. It is P0180 Fuel Temperature Sensor "A" Circuit. The jeep was hard to start, when hot and cold. I cleared the fault, but am waiting for it to return. Injector pump done a few years ago, and the two sensors (valves) replaced on the pump. Any ideas, as i don't want to go ripping without the full facts/ideas. Mike
  10. Is it hard to get in gear. Are the systems linked, on my e11 they are not. Perhaps a sign of a worn synchro
  11. Did you put copper grease in the sliders? Also, do they have to be calibrated like on some vw cars.
  12. That radio is repairable, price wise cannot fully confirm how much. I used to work in a car audio repair shop here in galway. If you want a contact number give me a pm. Fastway would cost about a tenner to have it delivered.
  13. A leak down test would narrow it down for sure and would indicate further wear in the engine like rings, valves, guides etc.. Something like this http://www.ebay.com/bhp/leak-down-tester
  14. Was the battery disconnected while they changed the radio. The reason i ask is you may need to reset your aircon control panel by disconnecting the power. Leave it disconnected for about five minutes and power everything up again after. The servos may need to home.
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