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  1. all ready done that mate ebay does a great deal full HPI check for 8.99
  2. Hi Guys im from Hereford just bought my first Rav say my mean for the missus lol, she has a 2007 crossfire roadster wants to keep it but ******* in the bad weather so wanted a reasonable sized 4x4 and only really liked the Rav. what a journey to get here, this the 3rd one we bought nearly 4 lol the first a 2004 petrol only 71k on the clock service history did 10 miles and it blew up luckily the gave me a full refund. the second a 2002 petrol 105k on the clock looked good great test drive I counted out the money while the guy was writing receipt cam chain tensioner or something like that came lose and sounded like it was slapping against the head, guy tried to say was too late I had bought it, good job im a big fella lol the third 2004 petrol 101k looked a nice car very slight knock on the front right drive shaft wouldn't have put me off for the money, I have a top of the range diagnostics put it on and every air bag system failed, I then took a closer look to find the air bag light has been disconnected, the guy got very ubiky that I never bought it, but for my good lady so not worth the risk. and finally I bought a 2004 XT3 diesel with 80k no history but old MOT's to back up the miles very good condition except the wheels bubbling as usual, lol did have a little scare following morning after buying it got some smoke and a burning smell through the heater vents, but not done it since. got 6 months TAX and MOT 80k diesel 5 spoke alloys diesel very good condition 2200 quid think I did well Dave
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