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  1. all sorted. it was a short on the case of the ecm. runing sweet again. just a bit of pulling things to bits but found it at last. i am a happy man.
  2. toyota verso 2001. Well the other night went out to car and noticed the inside lights were dim, battery was nearly flat. Now I had been out in car around 2 hours before. Recharged battery next day and car would not start. Called brake down out. As he could not find anything wrong he tried to access the ecm. He could not connect to it. Later after he left, I checked every fuse and relay. Inc fuses on side of battery. All ok. But the thing is the immobiliser LED is out even when the doors are shut and ignition of. So I suspect power to or the imobilizer ecu itself. Can anyone advise or has anyon
  3. I have had my yaris verso 2001for 6 years in which time it has done 73000 miles with me and previous owner, and I must say its ugly as hell but I love it. but now its gone and died. For which i will post in main forum. I myself am into electrics of allsorts and love gadgets, making computers to sorting tvs to satellite etc. hope that info gives you guys some back ground.
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