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  1. hi update on my reversing camera see photo . Dealer just rang they are replacing the the unit
  2. I believe my car was a cancelled order as the dealer said it’s come with extras, Aluminium Scuff Plates ,Rear Bumper Protection Plate ,and Mud Flaps all round
  3. hi Pete B I can confirm my seats are memorised . 1 driving 2 sleeping whilst my partner goes shopping 😀mine work as they should
  4. I wish my reversing camera was better car in again for rear camera tomorrow
  5. yes it covers lost keys but my concern was will it effect my next premium if I claimed . I have sorted it out thank you I have got cover with ala I have taken policy to cover my access on my car policy as they don’t sell Key cover on its own I had a discount code from honest john site so i am covered for less than a£1 a week it includes car and house keys Friends got locked out their house last week £128 to get back in . Hate to think how much a Toyota fob costs plus I fish each week and if I fall in water they told me I am covered . Thanks again
  6. hi do any members have key/fob insurance . ala offer it but I believe it’s only offered along with tyre or chip insurance ect thank you
  7. interesting my RAV4 went in Monday 8th July for dash-cam and reversing Camara ( back in again not fixed) the dealer said there’s a mayor update for your car they had it in till 10am Tuesday 9th . So they may have done the brake update as well ?
  8. hi mike 169 no it’s the rear view reversing car camera it’s playing up see photo but thank you again for your comment . Off the subject forums are a great place like minded people helping each other . Politicians please note
  9. my reversing camera on my new rav 4 is playing up its black fussy or flashing lines . First time reversing it fine second time this happens please see photos it was in the dealership Wednesday they tried it it was ok picked car up I tried it in their car park ok drove home 2miles reversing into my drive this happed
  10. Avalon thank you for your advice I will do that , car is in the dealership again Wednesday for rear view reversing camera
  11. Pad glued to windscreen and dash-cam mounts on to glued patch , although there’s a spare pad
  12. Paul the very same thing with me, same position when it rains camera can’t see .Car is back into dealers on Wednesday to get rear view camera sorted very fuzzy view . Toyota supplied and fitted the dash-cam ,if they won’t move it they can have it back , not fit for purpose .mine is the one Toyota are pushing Nextbase 380GW plus it’s on a glued pad