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  1. snowballs ref brakes making a noise after being parked for a long time I was told “ now asbestos is no longer used in brake pads a bang can be heard when moving car after extended period parking “ asbestos stopped brake pads from sticking to disk when parked
  2. bilt Hamber do this korrsol fall out remover
  3. thank you rav4ster I hand wash every week using a lambs wool mitt and bit Hamber products
  4. sorry I will be hand washing my car on the drive
  5. Hello to one and all . Do to coronavirus and my car not being used . will my car exterior paint work benefit from a wash or will I leave sat on the drive going nowhere . Thank you and stay safe
  6. forums fabulous I have said it before, and I’ll say it again politicians look at forums like minded people helping each other for no gain or reward just the good of the forum 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  7. update I did as you advised brilliant G10 once again thank you 👏👏👏👏
  8. thank you gentlemen 👏👏👏
  9. ultra light Scratch on the door sorry it’s hard to get a good photo you can’t feel the scratch it’s just broken the top coat the scratch looks light blue any tips thank you all
  10. I have new RAV4 excel awd summer mpg 58 mpg around town 54 mpg motorways cruise control . Winter around town 47 mpg motorway 45mpg at 70 mph cruise control. I always use economy mode . battery’s don’t like the cold
  11. Hello I have been reading on this forum about 12 volt battery and a comment about the hybrid system charging the 12 v battery when the cars in Ready Mode whats ready mode , I have a Rav 4 excel hybrid . Thank you and a happy new yrear
  12. thank you one and all I have learnt a lot . I asked the Dealership if I could put my 12v battery on trickle charge via a smart battery charger they said under no
  13. sorry my screen wouldn’t dim at night once my headlights came on the menu in my last post allows adjustment to your screen brightness . i had the automatic button set in map setup but it’s the screen menu that needs setting as well
  14. hi to one and all My problem was the screen not automatically not dimming once the car head lights came . I was shown to 🙄 please see photo it’s easy when you know how . I hope this helps someone . The adjusting menus button is bottom right . It’s the first time I have noticed it 🥴