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  1. Hello Nextbase 312gw Dash-Cam 2.7in/led /gps /night vision Excellent condition 32gb Scan disk card,Dash-Cam has 12 foot lead just plug and go. It’s very easy to download files to smart phone via free Nextbase app . I have included the Nextbase micro adapter unused. pc in case you want to use pc £40 ono Thanks
  2. dash light cluster dimmer sorted. I turned on side lights pressed the trip switch 3 times to bring up the light cluster menu. See photo thank you again
  3. Hello a set of Dunlop Winter Sports 5 SUV 4 Tyres . 215/60R/17 excellent condition no punctures never kerbed. Originally they were a full set .The tyres were it red in Germany . I had the tyres removed from the alloys Monday 7th October 2019 as the guy was fitting cross climates . A good 5.5mil left on the tyres winter set first fitted 16/11/2017 Removed 1/5/2018. Back on car 1/11/2018. Removed 1/5/2019. The Tyres were supplied fitted and stored by my Dealer. Receipt shows alloys and tyres ,it’s tyres only. I am retired so they haven’t done a lot of miles. I live in Newcastle on Tyne so if anyone who wants them I could meet with in 70 mile radius so Berwick/Thirsk/Carlisle . I would like a contribution to my fuel please. Thank you .£200 or best offer i have the full original receipt with my name address ect I can email to any buyer
  4. thanks Nick 👏👏👏👏👍
  5. thank you I’ll try again when it gets dark and report back 👍
  6. Hello . Am I allowed to sell an item on the forum. It’s a private car related item, well 1 a dash-cam and a set of winter tyres I am not a trader . If yes were do I post the item . Thank you
  7. Good morning I am trying to adjust my dashboard lights a little dimmer, but not succeeding 😮 any advice please I have attached a photo from the RAV4 online manual page 134 .thank you. I am really enjoying my Rav 4
  8. Rob watching a film while waiting for boss trying shoes , I read war and peace whilst waiting my boss then read backwards 😂 . The car in the post is lovely . Enjoy i am
  9. totally agree rob acceleration not noisy press need to justify there job. Rob dealer sorted my window opening closing on remote with fob . I love my RAV4 I have stopped telling people my mpg especially in town , they say o diesel or is it a 1.5 , no it’s 2.5 engine . A lovely refined car very very comfortable and quiet . Enjoy phil
  10. I ordered 2wd 6 thMarch delivery told October went with awd car came June 16th
  11. my Rav 4 was scratch lightly I thick holly bush ??? There was a very small indentation But i removed it with bilthamber clay bar