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  1. my order was placed early March 2wd Excel told June then July then put back till October changed to awd now 12th August the dealer was saying more awd were being made . Also mentioned they were selling there RAV4 quarterly quoter in less than a week
  2. Saw this on the net one American lady said originally bought this because I was tired of holding and looking at my phone to navigate I wanted to be a safer driver – especially with my two kids in the car. really
  3. parkers have the new rav 4 review
  4. I totally agree but whilst we all complain on the forum Toyota won’t do anything we all like there cars but the only way they will listen is for members to email and give them our preferred options. I emailed Toyota uk they didn’t answer at all, but a couple of days later me dealership rang me saying Toyota had been in touch . so they must monitor the forums. Anyway I am really looking forward to my new rav4 12/8/19 it’s been 5 years since I owned a petrol car
  5. I purchased a spare iPhone apple certified cable I just leave in my current car out of sight when I leave the car apple certified cable are a quarter of the cost but made to apple spec .
  6. I agree it’s all well and good going on about what other country’s spec is,but you will know what spec you are getting when you order I am happy to have the 5 year warranty . I only wish they would include heated seats as an option on all models I am only getting the Excel because it has heated front seats
  7. ordered a 2 wd excel in early March for June/July . Car got put back till October changed to Excel awd cars due early August
  8. ps the photo on my page is missy we have two poodles
  9. thanks phil. Off the subject you live in a lovely part of the uk we were in Welshpool 10 years ago to collect our poodle mr darcy once again thank you
  10. once again thank you
  11. Service plane advice please hello and thank you in advance . I am waiting for my RAV4 Excel awd due 12 August . I will hopefully be keeping for 4 years . Is it worth getting a service plan? also my dealer asked me do I want to include mot grantee ? What is it and do members take it out As I say it will be with me for the 4th year mot I usually sell my cars after 2 years and I have always managed to get free servicing with them . Thank you One more thing if the tex size is wrong please inform me
  12. Enjoy August the 12th for me 😍
  13. hello and thanks for all the information on font size. and especially to frostyballs for his help via a private message I believe this post is the correct size? I have the size set to 14 . thank you all again
  14. Thank you . So if I was copying a web address link how do you make it bigger . Slightly confused 70 plus year old ?
  15. Does any member know what tyres Toyota UK Fit to the all new Rav 4 ? Not really concerned which brand . I am now purchasing a AWD as opposed to the 2WD having never owned a 4AWD are they better in snow , or is it beneficial to still go with winter tyres ( Continental WinterContact seem to get good reviews) my driving is 80 miles motorway 40/60 miles town every week members advice please on tyres Also any advice on Toyota AWD Once again thank you to one and ALL Thank you Mod edit - please use standard size font (14). Shouting removed. Warnings may be issued in future.
  16. Actually around 47 min . But this guy is very good uk reviewer
  17. 1hr 1min 4 seconds Enjoy Mod edit - please use standard size font
  18. Right thank you for the information , there is no way she wishes to drive . After your reply I now see it’s up to the person to notify DVLA and rightly so that’s cleared up that mystery . Thanks again
  19. Can anyone understand how an insurance company can reduce my premium by £70 ??? I added an extra driver my girlfriend it came to medical history Has DVLA been notified of any medical history I put No I carried on with the quote it came back £70 cheaper . The thing is she has had a stroke/ limited vision in left eye , never driven in 25years so she has a clean licence My partner will never drive any car again So how can they reduce my quote by £70? I know insurance cost come down with an older driver on . I was a named driver on my sons Merc SLK when he was a 18 yr old professional foot baller £300 reduction for him . That was many years ago Just wondering . Your thoughts please
  20. HI MIKE 169 . Insurance company’s each one different . My company Aviva increased policy 2018/19 by £3 this year 2019/20 £34 increase plus an offer of interest free payments . What surprises me is I went on comparison site got a quote for myself quote was more than Aviva By the way Quidco are offering £60 cash back till midnight for new customers to Aviva via there site I used it 2016/17 got £60 cash back after 3 months
  21. Yes I had a problem around 2011 insurance wasn’t happy I wanted to put winter tyres on my BMW 530d couldn't get there head around it . How times change
  22. HSDISH just a thought will insurance class seat swop as a modification ?
  23. Tracked my last 2 VWs no problem members on Vw forum purchased an app so they could follow the ship delivering there cars to uk