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  1. PeteB I agree with your comment on spare wheel. I remarked on this in an early post test driving the Honda CR-V Hybrid , no spare wheel no way of buying, I mentioned this to the salesman his reply “ I can get you a spare wheel “ great driving around with a spare in the back 😱 . Another reason Toyota have a vast experience on Hybrid they must be the world leaders on this technology
  2. Thanks and very informative
  3. Thanks for the information VW charge me £100 per year for all changes , and includes tyre hotel storage BUT that’s wheel and tyre swap not changing tyres to original wheels, so your dealer is giving better value. I will talk to my Toyota dealer soon they are a small Famliy firm they own 2 Toyota dealerships plus Mazda Suzuki . Highly thought of in my region . I did road tests in AudiQ3/Lexus NX/ Honda Hybrid CV-R . The Toyota dealer was the only one I found listened to what I wanted and didn’t push anything , that’s why I chose them (apart from the RAV4) thanks again 0
  4. Hi PeteB come October winter Tyres do you buy another set of alloys for your winter tyres ?? Thanks
  5. Does any member know winter wheel and Tyre siz for RAV4 and all new 2019 RAV4 . 2 Wheel Drive Excel model thank you
  6. If it helps . I had winter tyres on BMW 530d and VW Tiguan both tyres were 1inch smaller . Both dealerships said “ they are smaller so snow chains can be fitted if needed”
  7. When did you put your order in ? I had better check my date then . Told mid June
  8. 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂
  9. Excellent review of the RAV4 PeteB thank you . To be honest I didn’t notice the indicator noise at all on my test drive of the Dynamic RAV4 what inpressed me a great deal was how comfortable I was in the RAV4 and compared with the test drives of Lexus NX Honda hybrid CR-V & the Audi Q3 the RAV4 to sum up fitted me like a glove , that’s why I have ordered RAV4 Excel 2WD thanks again on an excellent review . Before I go are there any HOW TO VIDEOS FOR TOYOTA in general
  10. O thank you for James and Kate video hybrid self charging I will watch it later I am looking forward to it ANY MORE VIDESOS PLEASE ON TOYOTA HYBRYID DRIVING I am 71 this month never to old to learn
  11. PeteB yes that’s my problem getting in and out of the car . With the RAV4 it’s not going to be a problem . Ref looking at the speedo , it may seem strange to you but my last 2 cars had Adaptive Cruise control in a word Brilliant whenever I get in the car I press to activate the cruise, the car will hold the speed and moniter the distance from the car in front down to stopping then following the car in front once it moves . I passed my Institute of Advanced Mottoring test last year , I got a First and I used Adptive Cruise Control for most of the test. Believe me it’s second nature now . When I test drove the RAV4 it has it on . We were coming into a 30mph area and the RAV4 slowed, the salesman said it has Road Sign Assisted once again excellent . BUT ALWAYS REMMBER THEY ARE AN AIDE
  12. Yes Car Manufacturing . Just read of car review Volvo CX40 I think 38k and no folding mirrors . Like I said in another post Honda CR-V Hybrid no spare wheel as the battery’s take up the room , I told the salesman after my test drive in the Honda that having no spare Wheel was ruling the Honda out he said “ I can get a spare wheel put in the boot 😳) it beggars belief . Anyway for me its the RAV4 . roll on June
  13. Enjoy,I ordered a 2 wheel drive Excel dealer quoted same delivery date
  14. intentional or what, you decide
  15. Yes it will be dealer fit 👍
  16. Hello to one and all i have ordered new RAV4 Excel 2 wheel drive . I asked the Dealership about a Dash-Cam he gave me this leaflet ,photo below, it seams all Toyota Dealerships are fitting this one I can’t fit it myself due to Arthritus in hands , I could get it fitted at Halfords BUT . If dealer fit any problems they have supplied and fitted it Advice please Thanks to ALL
  17. Thank you Frostyballs . Yes I should have explained . Can I track my new car from factory Build to uk . some vw forum members even purchased the app to track the ships movements from Europe to uk docks once again thank you
  18. Hello to one and all is it possible to track my new car ( RAV4) I know from experience you can with VW thank you