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  1. Hi All Does anyone know if the air con compressor that fits an AE101 4A-FE is the same as the one found on an EE101 2E or 4E-FE? Or does anyone have the Part Numbers of the above? Many thanks in advance, James
  2. Hey All Has anyone played around with putting a 4E-FE head/induction/exhaust man onto a 2E block for a 16V injected 2E? Just before anyone asks why not just use the complete 4E, I need to use the 1295cc 2E block (as apposed to the 1331cc 4E) so the engine will be under 1300cc. Cheers James
  3. Thanks for that mum I've had to have a second look at this, as to tell you the truth, I was a bit 'ummm nah' about it at first, but after looking at it again and drawing a few diagrams, you are dead right!! :hokus-pokus: All the other variables I was thinking about like deck height, gasket thinkness, dome/dish to effect volume/displacement are actually a constant absolute measurement, that will not change from static pressure to TDC (eg, it wont effect the amount of air (or volume...displacement) and will be the same should I say, 'area' at the bottom of the stroke to the top) drawn in to the cylinder. That is govened by the vacuum created by induction stroke for maxium displacement induction), it will just effect the area that all the charged is crammed into before BANG!! I get ya now!!! (sorry, its all a bit messy, I at least I understand it!!) Thanks for that man. :D Well in that case, I might have to got for a 2E block (73mm bore) with the 4E 16V head, then that'll give me 1296cc. Does anyone know if that will work? Thanks again! jb
  4. Yeah, that is true, but I need to loose it. I see the 2E engine is only 1295cc...also having a 73mm bore (instead of the 4E's 74mm) What puzzles me is with the 4E's.. the FE is 1331 cc with the same bore and stoke as the FTE, however the FE has a 9.6:1 C/R, and the FTE has a 8.2:1 C/R. From all the research I've dont on the net about C/R's and volumes and how it is all effected this shouldn't be, inless the internals are very different. To have the lower C/R the FTE must have low displacement pistons (in terms of the dome), but then, that would incress the CC rating over the FE, so to lower the (FTE) CC back to 1331cc, either the crank, rods or throw must be different to the FE; unless the piston sits slightly down on the rod from having the position of the piston pin changed?? Hmmm...
  5. Hi All Has anyone calculated the volume of the piston dish and/or dome for these engines when the have had them apart?... 4E-FE 4E-FTE 5E-FE 5E-FHE I know the 4E-FE has a positive displacment dome, just wondering if anyone knows just how much, and the other too? I've just got into a bit of strife with MotorSport NZ, and Im going to have to kill 31cc when rebuilding my 4E to get it to 1300cc to race in my class. the only way I can think of doing so is to shave quite a bit off the head/block (has not been determined exactly how much yet) to loose the cc, but in doing so, my C/R will got throught the roof, so I am trying to find ways of de-compressing it to a suitable level 100 octane will handle. Any thought? Thanks all, jb
  6. Hey All Would anyone who has built a 4E-FE engine for racing please email me (james.bissland@airnz.co.nz) if they have a spare 10 minutes on their hands?.. I am just in the process of a full engine rebulid to put into a new race car I am also building (EP-71 for a 0-1300 class), and would love to hear how people have gone about doing things, and the specs they have used in doing so. Many thanks in advance, James
  7. Hi All I was wondering if someone would please be able to tell me the difference's between the 4E-FE & 5E-FE. YES I know one is a 1300cc and the other is 1500cc. Are they exactly the same, bar the stroke length? I would have thought the 5E would have bigger valves than the 4E (being 1500, compare to 1300) I'm just asking this, as I am bulding up a 4E-FE engine for racing in 0-1300cc class, and being n/a, obviously the more air you can get, the better, so bigger valves would be the go! -oh yeah, they are both j-spec engines too. I would really appreciate peoples thoughts....good, or bad :P Cheers, James