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  1. ffej

    parts for sale

    Over £200 worth of spares £60 plus post
  2. I always said that I got more from shell v power ,but never kept a record .....
  3. Hi I had this with mine,,,when you take the EGR off to clean make sure you clean the port hole that it covers in the block I use the right cleaner for this when I started it up it had a big engine knock then was okay also spray QT85 in to the tubo boost valve and the one above with red wire connector let them dry a little while do not use WD40 ,no trouble after this it flew along ,I did cover all this earlier in the forum ,Jeff
  4. I had this ,its the connection under the side cover by your right foot ,it has been covered ..in this forum Jeff
  5. ffej

    fuel tank

    Thanks for the info ,I'll have ago when the tank is empty ....
  6. ffej

    fuel tank

    Hi ,having to change the flexible pipe from filler pipe to tank ,do I need to have an empty tank ??thanks for any info Jeff
  7. If your rav runs OK ,don't worry about it .....
  8. ffej


    Thanks ,I could make one ,just thought someone may have one .....
  9. ffej


    Looking for a oil level censor to sump casket ,anyone had one left over ,for 2002 mrk2 diesel
  10. ffej

    Headlight Cleaning

    I use G3 paste 500grm eBay about a tener
  11. ffej

    EGR Valve

    any thing on youtube to help ?
  12. ffej

    side step

    morning all ,noticed the near side front bracket on the side step as rusted thro /,anyone have one or know where I could get one mine are the old flat type 2002 ,MOT coming up ,and it don't look very good thanks for any info jeff
  13. Nock a screw driver through it and turn off ,put it back on just hand tight