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  1. my low oil light came on I check my dip stick and it was showing low on dipstick I also look in manual to check I toped up oil about 2 weeks later it came on again so I checked dip stick saw I was low again top it up also when I parked my car I placed a sheet of paper so I can check if I was leaking oil and  I was not leaking any oil

    this went on for a few weeks in the end I did have a leak of oil took car to garage said in had to much oil in car so he changed gaskets and seals car drove like a dream for 1 day the next day I started engine up it started to miss fire  car is in garage been told the bolt that holds tappets in  broke off garage man is going to put new bolt in put it all together and see what happens

    I am not sure what to do after this because I had to much oil in will this course more problems

    I want to know is this a fault of the car computer or is this a common fault   I feel so angry at myself for putting all this oil in car

    I don't know to out the car that I love or keep it sorry this is so long


    1. ffej


      may be a faulty pressure switch  

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