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  1. Where is the idle air control valve on this engine and throttle position sensor
  2. Forgot to mention it's a 1997 celica gt convertible with a 3sge lump
  3. Hi there just joined but straight to business I bought a celica st202 last month and been driving it around noticing how much fuel it uses now I know it's a 2.0 litre so it's never gonna b an Eco car but it's 295 pounds of fuel in it in 3 weeks and on rough calculations it's doing 8 or 9 miles to the gallon and that's driving it like an old man, also when u start it from cold it revs to 2500 rpm and takes over 10 mins to come down to 900 rpm and stinks if fuel all the time . I have checked the plugs and leads there all good checked for fuel leaks there are none but possibly another symptom is
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