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  1. Have a good look at that plate.. there should be a Philips screw holding it in place..if not - it sounds like a Prise off plate. Stupid idea to cover the wheel bolts.. wtf would happen if you had a blow out on the motorway?? with no flat screwdriver ?? The Spare tyre should give you a few clues.. assuming its the same type of wheel & not one of these stupid 'get me home wheels' Good luck buddy
  2. The starter motor turns over the engine. creating piston compression & the compression.. accompanied with the prelim glo sticks in each cylinder starts diesel combustion. This starts the engine, a diesel engine doesn't us spark plugs. Put your hand in front of a cold hair drier.. the compression warms up the air..and this heat & compression ignites the Diesel. But you will need a good Battery...160 amps is needed to power this engine...over 10 times more than your house uses cheers///Ian
  3. Ive just had a the pump fail..I think it was due to over use during the wet weather & also they don't like an empty reservoir or sediment accumulating in the bottom of the tank. I knew it was the pump because when I operated the stick it made the wipers work but not the sprayer & they are on the same circuit..if neither work...check fuses. Was quoted £250 at the garage to replace it..so I called up ALLPARTS. they quoted £160 for a replacement.. stuff that, so I went on line. I found a company in Bradford who delivered a new pump for £9.99 ! Happy days ! I removed drivers side front wheel & undid the 2 screws of the wheel arch housing, plus another attaching it to the bumper (bit of a b8stard Philips screw underneath but it came away ok). you'll see the white plastic reservoir & the 2 pumps on the side with water tubes attached.. The white pump nearest to you is the rear wash & the black pump to its right is the windscreen washer. Tip...if you don't want to buy a new pump.. simply swap the 2 pump tubes over.. emergency repair lol.. REAR WASH & WIPERS ARE NOT IN THE MOT - fact... ! The water tubes come off easily but I had to use a big screwdriver to prise the pump out of the reservoir & its slot - built in the reservoir. Be brave. Its held in by a rubber gasket. disconnect the electrical connector using a flat screwdriver to lift the side tab. Shoved in new pump having connected the electric plug & water tube.. had to get a bit rough here.. but a bit of Vaseline helped. The grommets holding the Plastic engine undercover are crap.. I had to use a few Tie Wraps to put it back in place...! Hey presto...it works... make sure you have a tray to collect the wash water tho.. & £240 quid..IN MY POCKET ... SAVED...!
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