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  1. Will have a look at the water pump properly when I get chance to jack it up. I haven't taken the radiator cap off since posting last time to check fluids. The spare reservoir hasn't really dropped since I topped it up. Hard to tell without marking a line, so I may do that later. My oil has always looked/been spot on, never burnt oil, very rarely needed topping up. If it does turn out to be the water pump, any advice on which brand to get if not getting direct from Toyota? https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/car-brands/spare-parts-toyota/corolla-zze12-nde12-zde12/16375/10191/water-pump.html#10116
  2. I did top up earlier, but it didn't actually need a lot in the radiator directly. I probably assumed because it wasn't full to the top of the spout where the radiator cap goes it was low. The spare coolant reservoir did have a good 3/4 of a litre that went in though. Maybe its just me being paranoid? Since replacing the radiator with a new one not long ago, I haven't seen any wet patches yet which I usually got on the drip tray underneath.
  3. Will have a check around the water pump when I get chance to jack it up. Started the car up earlier, pressed the air con button, and heard/seen the clutch engage and start spinning. However, it stops, starts spinning again, stops, starts spinning again. During this, when I turned the button off, then on again, the clutch didn't always engage immediately.
  4. My 03 CTS still has an issue with coolant disappearing somewhere, and the air con not working. Checked the fluids this morning and discovered the radiator doesn't have any coolant visible at the top, and the spare reservoir is quite a bit below the low line. Any ideas what this could be, as I have had coolant problems before with my car. The car has had a new radiator and thermostat (genuine Toyota/Nissens), and a quality second hand genuine Toyota heater matrix over the past 2 or 3 years whilst trying to correct issues. My heater works fine now, with no visible leaks on the car, but it has to be burning or dumping coolant somewhere. Any suggestions? Also, my air con stopped working a while ago, had it re-gassed, worked fine but stopped working. The technician in ATS said it still has pressure, so I got a genuine second hand Toyota compressor, replaced it, re-gassed it at ATS and it was working fine. This past week it has stopped working though, where it would cut in and out, but now completely dead. It also developed an odour from the vents before packing up. Any suggestions?
  5. Looking for the following items that will fit an 03 CTS: N/S Wing Mirror Cover (any colour) O/S/F Wheel Arch Liner Have received a quote elsewhere for used items at £20 for the wheel arch liner and £15 for the wing mirror cover. Anybody got any cheaper? Thanks.
  6. Anybody have a link or know of the correct set of replacement clips for both the wheel arches and under tray of the Corolla T - Sport, as well as the tray under the bonnet? Also, any diagrams out there for which specific clips go where? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Anybody know a quick way of removing the tail lights on a t sport, or have an existing link to a thread covering this? Thanks.
  8. Rang Toyota today to get the oem part number for the condenser for matching purposes online, which was apparently 8845002140. I have scoured the internet and cannot find any matching this oem part number. Has anybody had any experience with this? There are plenty with the oem code ending in 150, but the Toyota parts department said there would be multiple codes come up for my vehicle if available. The part itself is just under £300, which is far too expensive for a condenser. Thanks.
  9. Do you have a link for the fitting clips? Also, do you know if there is any need to purchase and add any PAG oil before getting somebody to come and recharge the system ? Of course I plan to fit both compressor/condenser myself, then take it to a garage to vacuum extract any air in the system and perform a recharge. I may even consider a mobile air conditioning technician to come and do it at my house if prices are reasonable. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I am replacing my air con condenser in conjunction with a second hand working compressor I have got, but was wondering which brand the actual condenser is on the OEM Toyota part? I rang Toyota and they said they don't know, as they are all just stamped as Toyota. The three main brands I am looking at are Nissens, NRF or Denso. Any suggestions, info, links for sale on which condenser is best for the T - Sport? Thanks.
  11. Hi, Yes, I have had the air con on, on and off. This is another problem with the car, because when I got it re-gassed at ATS last summer, it has lost a lot of cold temperature. I took it back in after a while, and they were happy to hook it up to the machine free of charge. He said it still has refrigerant/pressure, but something is causing it to cut off, then cut back on again. He suggested it may not be the compressor because of this, and suggested an electrical problem. I checked the main fuses in the engine bay, but they appeared fine. When I changed my radiator, I did notice the condenser looked a little battered. When I get time I will have a proper look at the seals tomorrow on the door, and steam clean the carpet and try to dry it the best I can to dry it. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Just a quick update on my coolant issue. I topped my expansion tank up to full yesterday and a little in the radiator, and have drove it regularly since with no real leaks, only slight dampness on the undertray where there was a puddle before. Today however, I have noticed damp inside the passenger footwell. It has a damp mouldy like smell, but there is no signs of leakage on the matrix pipes. Underneath my car mats on top of the carpet there is a smearing of a white coloured substance. The dampness does not appear to be on the right hand side under the matrix pipes though, more so on the opposite side to the middle. Any suggestions? Heat appears to be functioning fine on the car, and I did actually have my matrix done a while ago when the passenger footwell was wet. Thanks.
  13. I got the jubilee clip from Halfords, which were around £3 for two different sized ones in a pack. I only resorted to that as I didn't expect the existing clip to be such a problem. If I had more time I would have picked up a cheap set of hose clamp pliers. I also used the cap that came with the Nissen radiator. I will definitely look into replacing the hoses regardless. I wouldn't mind one of the silicone kits, but they are expensive. I was debating whether to sell my T - Sport recently, but what I would likely get for it would not be worthwhile for the amount of money and effort I have put into it over the three years I have owned it. Saying that, I can't recall ever seeing a similar 5 door T - Sport with black leather interior on the market like mine, so I have decided to hang on to it, and put some money into looking after it.
  14. Hi, The Nissen radiator is a brand new one. I have not had a proper check yet due to the weather here. I did however replace the stock clip (i think it is called a pressure clip, which is self adjusting) on the lower radiator hose, with a manual adjusting jubilee clip, as I had difficulty working with the stock clip with my pliers/grips. The panel underneath the drain tap/plug is dry, whereas the puddle of coolant is on the other side near the clip I replaced. Thanks, tarantula_123.