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  1. Hi guys, Forgot to mention water pump was done when I had the timing gaskets replaced. I had the issue of coolant loss before I replaced the radiator. Still kept on going below the low on the expansion tank but never on the radiator itself. Now I've left it a while without topping up either to see, its showing low on the radiator itself. Strange really as I had an authentic Samco silicone hose kit fitted for the coolant lines and the screws torqued properly by the mechanic who fitted them.
  2. Any suggestions for coolant loss? Have changed over the seven years of ownership: Heater Matrix Radiator Thermostat Coolant Hoses Always seemed to keep going below the low level in the expansion tank, but never so with the actual radiator. I have left it a while and it is now low in the radiator. The car has never overheated, the needle has never gone over once. The radiator replacement wasn't that long ago and was with a genuine Nissens radiator and cap, along with Toyota anti freeze
  3. I will have a good look. I can't see it being anything to do with infrequent oil changes as mentioned above. This is my seventh year of ownership and I have changed the oil without fail when needed every year. This year twice because of the mileage I have done. I am on over 130k now, was hoping this would be a 200k car but not so sure now. The oil loss I am talking about is going from full on the dipstick marker, to low. I changed the oil and filter Thursday, so will see how long it takes before it starts to dip.
  4. Anyone had issues with 2zz burning oil? Im having loss of oil but two or three years ago had all the engine, sump and timing gaskets replaced so cannot be a leak.
  5. Anybody had any trouble with the 10mm bolts for the handbrake cable brackets? The head of the n/s bolt on the rear subframe bracket is snapped due to over tightening. The other side has been rounded by someone. Ive tried penetrating oil, bolt removal kit but still no joy. Just not gripping. The second set of bolts/brackets heading along the car I snapped the heads, not sure whether to just drill them out and nut and bolt them. Not sure what to do, whether to get a second hand sub frame for 40 quid and get it stripped and powder coated, or just call it quits and take it to a garage and see.
  6. Quick update. Got my new driveshaft today however these are still different. The set up is not correct? Any ideas or help?
  7. Replaced my N/S driveshaft with an oem part, but have really struggled up until now to locate a cheap one for the O/S until today, where I ordered one from Driveshaft UK. I pray its the same fitment with the intermediate ball joint found on the t - sports. Anybody know if is a difficult job taking this side out and what needs to be removed to do so in the process? I am looking to replace the driveshaft/gearbox seal as well.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-Cable-fits-TOYOTA-COROLLA-E12-1-8-Rear-Right-01-to-07-2ZZ-GE-Hand-Brake-QH/333779732550?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota|Model%3ACorolla|Cars+Type%3A1.8+VVTL-i+TS|Plat_Gen%3A_E12_|Cars+Year%3A2007|BodyStyle%3AFWD+--+_E12_|Variant%3APetrol+Hatchback|Engine%3A1796cc+141KW+192HP+2ZZ-GE&hash=item4db6d28846:g:GJIAAOSwyylfpQ3g https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brake-Cable-fits-TOYOTA-COROLLA-E12-1-8-Rear-Left-01-to-07-2ZZ-GE-Hand-Brake-QH/233894836364?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota|Model%3ACorolla|Cars+Type%3A1.8+VVTL-i+TS|Plat_Gen%3A_E12_|Cars+Year%3A2007|BodyStyle%3AFWD+--+_E12_|Variant%3APetrol+Hatchback|Engine%3A1796cc+141KW+192HP+2ZZ-GE&hash=item367537f88c:g:c-kAAOSwcTJgJ9DZ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handbrake-Cable-fits-TOYOTA-COROLLA-E12-1-8-Front-01-to-07-2ZZ-GE-Hand-Brake-QH/333845201305?fits=Car+Make%3AToyota|Model%3ACorolla|Cars+Type%3A1.8+VVTL-i+TS|Plat_Gen%3A_E12_|Cars+Year%3A2007|BodyStyle%3AFWD+--+_E12_|Variant%3APetrol+Hatchback|Engine%3A1796cc+141KW+192HP+2ZZ-GE&hash=item4dbab98199:g:OjQAAOSwJX5f8Q7Y How about these? I might sell as I fancy getting one of the 2.4 non-turbo Hiace vans and converting the rear to a camper. For the work I've put into my TS, and the decent condition its in, I doubt i'd get much for it anyway....? They don't seem to fair well with holding their value compared to Type Rs
  9. Thanks for that. So to be correct, there are actually 3 handbrake cables on the Corolla.... one at the front that goes back, along with the ones at the two rear brakes? I'll have a good go myself for sure. Is there any issues with removing the exhaust heat shield and stuff like that? I will more than likely sadly be selling her after I have finished the stuff I need to first.
  10. Any idea if there is a link to a current thread or download for how to replace the front and rear two handbrake cables on the CTS? I have had my handbrake tightened a couple of times, but it just keeps going slack, and am getting fed up of it now. Is it worth changing all three? Are they an easy swap?
  11. Before the post, I will throw one out there, does anyone know a link for a O/S driveshaft cheap? The one I got from J&R is not the right one, as they don't do the one with the intermediate joint in the middle, and I can't find the part anywhere outside of Toyota, who charge just shy of 1k. The part number from Toyota I believe is 43410/02251. Failing that, I am thinking of getting a second N/S driveshaft and modifying the O/S stock one to fit. I.e. swapping the ends on the O/S to the N/S, and I believe there is a ball joint/bearing on the other bit that comes to the end of the axle? My mechanic advised this as it could be the only cheap option than going to Toyota.
  12. Well I'm down there once, so it makes sense to do the flywheel. I have no idea on the condition of it, but I am replacing the rear main seal behind the flywheel itself, so it needs to come off anyway. I ordered the flywheel bolts yesterday off ebay around £35. I have done a lot of future proofing to the car, having pretty much replaced the whole of the suspension components this year. So transmission wise, I will do my best to make it spot on. I might even get a pair of front drive shafts if they are coming out as well. Found a site that does them for £99 a pair.
  13. Anyone know whether it is essential to replace the 8 flywheel bolts when removing/replacing the flywheel? If so any pointers where to get the cheapest set, as I can't justify paying nearly £9 each from Toyota.... Am also after a new flywheel, any cheap suggestions, or a decent second hand lightweight one....
  14. Hi oldcodger, Yes I have the full Exedy clutch kit ready and 3 litre of 75w90 Fuchs Titan oil. I doubt I'll be doing it myself. Wouldn't mind if I knew someone who could do it mates rates, knowing the actual model of car. There is not really any clutch judder as such. Just slipping. Do you reckon I should get a rear main seal? As far as I'm aware there are no oil leaks just thought it would be a good precautionary thing to replace whilst the gearbox is off. Shame Toyota charge nearly £50 for the seal! Regarding the flywheel I'm not sure. Again, what do you reckon? I've heard some say they never need replacing on the t sports.
  15. Anyone ever installed subs in an E12 Corolla? Just wondering which side is best to lay the power leads for my two amps, and if there is a specific grommet to pierce and feed the cables through from the bulk head. I'll be using two wiring kits for both speaker and sub amps, so was thinking one side for the power leads from the bulk head to the boot, and the other side for the cables from the boot to the head unit.
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