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  1. Swapping front bumper/headlights from a pre-facelift CTS to face-lift style Corolla but was wondering if the bulb system is identical between the two? If anybody has a link which has all the fitment types that would be extremely helpful.... Would the fog light connections remain the same, i.e. will the wires and connections fit/clip into the housing in the same manner, or would I need to solder new connectors on? Am hoping the actual headlights and bumper is a straight swap with no problems, with the under tray/arch liners etc connecting up in the same manner. The bumper itself is not the actual official face - lift T - Sport bumper, but just a general 2004-2007 one which I got off eBay, as I want to fit a front spoiler underneath which will replace the old rubbing strips on my pre-facelift bumper.
  2. Had my mechanic torque them to the specs listed in the link provided, and thankfully the car still hits lift just fine. Thanks.
  3. For the two lift bolts on the 2zzge engine, is the correct torque spec as follows....? : 5.5 FT LBS or converted to 7.45 NM Reason being the mechanic who is doing my engine work didn't have a torque wrench that goes that low, and was surprised as he has never torqued that low even on bikes he has worked on in the past. Just wanted to check that these are the correct torque specs on this engine, and that it is 100% crucial that they need to be set at this.
  4. Am going to attempt replacing the two timing chain cover gaskets and tensioner o-ring myself in a couple of weeks when i'm off work but am finding it tricky getting a complete idea of whats involved in the process and hope somebody on here has done it before or knows of whats involved, or has a detailed thread I have not came across yet. From what I've read so far, the rocker cover, water pump, o/s wheel arch liner all need to come off, along with all connected belts and pulleys. Is this all for dismantling parts, and are there any special tools needed? The only thing i'm concerned of is how difficult of a task this could be within 4 days, and could it be done on axle stands without the engine being removed? Also, is there anything tricky involved in the tensioner o-ring replacement? Other than mentioned above, I have another water pump, silicone coolant hose kit, front crank seal and will more than likely be getting a modified 1zz oil pan for a straight fit swap. Anything else recommended to be replaced? How common is it for the oil pumps to go on T - Sports as i'm considering this. The engine has done around 105k. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Anybody know of an existing thread or have any information on converting an MR2 to a 2ZZ set up? I already have a Corolla T - Sport and fancy a change, so the parts would all be taken from my own car. Which parts would go into the MR2 from my T - Sport, and what parts would remain as they are in the MR2? Also, is there anybody on this forum that can do the conversion at a fixed rate, or know of somebody outside of the forum?
  6. Got a Vogtland suspension kit this week but have realised I need new top mounts, along with the seal that sits between those and the plate above the top of the front springs. Any ideas on part number or links for cheap parts? Could also do with the plate above the spring due to corrosion, but hopefully cheaper than £18 which Toyota quoted. Also, I am a little unsure on the set up of the rear shocks. Am i correct in thinking this is the part I need for top mounts, and nothing else: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/tedgum/8534193 Do the rear shocks have bump stops and dust gaitors also? I rang Toyota today regarding the front mounts etc and the prices are just silly, around £120 per top mount.
  7. I believe mine is rather a reserve tank than actual expansion tank. Some of the Corolla models do come with one pressurised cap for both the rad and expansion in one. Mine is just for the rad, and a push on black cap for the reserve.
  8. Yours is different to mine, which I think is below: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Yaris-T-Sport-Expansion-Tank-Cap-16471-23030-/362383106163 How did it stop the coolant leak when the expansion tank isn't really pressurised like the radiator cap itself?
  9. Meaning, I have topped my oil up probably twice now and it has gone down from full to in the middle of the full and empty markers. I drive between 100 - 120 miles a week standard. I am not too sure on the intervals of it going low, but probably a month or two. It has never gone below the low marker. Just weird that it sits in the middle. I have not topped it up from the middle to full yet since the garage cleaned the oil up. It still drives and accelerates perfectly fine, and I do hit lift every time I drive it. I have never seen any clouds of smoke in my mirrors. I sort of got the water pump and hoses as it kind of eliminates the possibility of anything else being the cause of a leak, because most other cooling system parts have been replaced over the years (thermostat/matrix/radiator). My coolant in the expansion tank hasn't gone down this week since they topped it up, so possibly it was just an air lock, but, it seems an awfully long time for an airlock to stay in the cooling system since I replaced my radiator.
  10. Just a quick update on my CTS. Had my car pressure tested for both oil and coolant recently at a garage I use. No leaks were found on the coolant and the head gasket came out fine. They suggested the coolant loss could have been due to an air lock, probably from when I replaced the radiator not long ago. Had my expansion tank topped up and it hasn't gone down since. Either way, I am having them do my water pump and fit a Samco silicone hose kit I managed to pick up, and will use the standard Toyota anti - freeze this time. Before I took it in the garage I did notice an oil leak around the sump which looked like a damp wet patch. I have had my oil going down between the full and empty marker lately, and the garage said it looks like it is coming from the timing chain gasket area, dripping down. They cleaned up the area last week and checked it again today, but no oil was visible on the sump. Anyone experienced similar problems? I have organised with the garage to replace the timing chain gaskets and o ring for the timing chain tensioner. Including the coolant work I'm having done, does £200 labour for everything seem reasonable? I did ask if there was anything worth having done whilst working on these areas and they said not really, only the timing chain. Any advice for this?
  11. Will have a look at the water pump properly when I get chance to jack it up. I haven't taken the radiator cap off since posting last time to check fluids. The spare reservoir hasn't really dropped since I topped it up. Hard to tell without marking a line, so I may do that later. My oil has always looked/been spot on, never burnt oil, very rarely needed topping up. If it does turn out to be the water pump, any advice on which brand to get if not getting direct from Toyota? https://www.onlinecarparts.co.uk/car-brands/spare-parts-toyota/corolla-zze12-nde12-zde12/16375/10191/water-pump.html#10116
  12. I did top up earlier, but it didn't actually need a lot in the radiator directly. I probably assumed because it wasn't full to the top of the spout where the radiator cap goes it was low. The spare coolant reservoir did have a good 3/4 of a litre that went in though. Maybe its just me being paranoid? Since replacing the radiator with a new one not long ago, I haven't seen any wet patches yet which I usually got on the drip tray underneath.
  13. Will have a check around the water pump when I get chance to jack it up. Started the car up earlier, pressed the air con button, and heard/seen the clutch engage and start spinning. However, it stops, starts spinning again, stops, starts spinning again. During this, when I turned the button off, then on again, the clutch didn't always engage immediately.
  14. My 03 CTS still has an issue with coolant disappearing somewhere, and the air con not working. Checked the fluids this morning and discovered the radiator doesn't have any coolant visible at the top, and the spare reservoir is quite a bit below the low line. Any ideas what this could be, as I have had coolant problems before with my car. The car has had a new radiator and thermostat (genuine Toyota/Nissens), and a quality second hand genuine Toyota heater matrix over the past 2 or 3 years whilst trying to correct issues. My heater works fine now, with no visible leaks on the car, but it has to be burning or dumping coolant somewhere. Any suggestions? Also, my air con stopped working a while ago, had it re-gassed, worked fine but stopped working. The technician in ATS said it still has pressure, so I got a genuine second hand Toyota compressor, replaced it, re-gassed it at ATS and it was working fine. This past week it has stopped working though, where it would cut in and out, but now completely dead. It also developed an odour from the vents before packing up. Any suggestions?