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  1. Am considering swapping the engine from my corolla t sport over to a celica t sport that has a knackered engine. Any idea or a full list on what is actually different between the two models? I. E mechanically, what could I keep/transfer from my corolla to the celica?
  2. I'd put my money on it leaking from the rocker cover, chain tensioner or cover. Can't see it being anything to do with the head etc. These engines are one of the most reliable ever made, unless its been severely abused from previous ownership. Have emailed you both the timing work document and the full 2ZZGE workshop manual, so you should find all the necessary info/torque specs you need!
  3. I think my mechanic took around 2-3 hours. On top of that was waiting a while for a part to turn up (exhaust manifold gasket), as he had to pull the manifold back to access one of the last bolts I think, and since they are crush gaskets it makes sense to replace. Who knows whether they will be a future classic! I've got one of the 5 door versions in metallic black, full black leather interior, and can't recall having seen one similar on the roads or for sale online.
  4. Yeah its good for peace of mind, particularly if you intend to keep the car for a while. Mines currently off the road atm as I'm gonna have it resprayed soon and am in the process of doing some powder coating. I intend to keep mine for as long as possible though. If you do it yourself I'm sure I have the actual PDF file on removing the timing cover/chain etc, so can buzz that over to you if needed. However, if you're going down the mechanics route, be prepared for some hefty quotes. I had the TC cover gaskets and tensioner o ring, front crank seal, water pump and lift bolts replaced, along with the oil pan resealed. I think my mechanic charged me £220 and he had it done in no time. Some of the other quotes I had ranged from £400 up to £700. Ridiculous really considering the chain wasn't replaced as well.
  5. Had a similar problem to mine but not quite as bad of a leak. My mechanic checked mine and wagered it was leaking from the timing chain tensioner, so I replaced the o ring only. Also for peace of mind I had him do the timing chain cover gaskets, front crank seal and reseal my sump pan. Not a drop leaked since. When I get round to powder coating my rocker cover, hopefully next week, I will be fitting a new seal kit which I have. If your gonna replace the clutch, make sure you replace the rear main seal as well.
  6. Am working on my t - sport as got another run around for now. Need some advice on how to clamp my brake hoses so I can take the calipers off, as I have a full re-haul kit and want them powder coated. Also got a set of HEL braided hoses ready to go on. Jacked her up today and had a look, but the hoses feel solid. Was gonna get some clamps from toolstation but just don't think they would be strong enough to pinch them and stop fluid coming out. Any advice on what clamp kit to buy (will need a set of four), or even a kit of stops/bungs.
  7. The o - ring should be just fine to replace on its own without the need of a new tensioner. When I had mine done though I resealed the oil sump and replaced both timing cover gaskets as well. I've not lost a drop of oil since.
  8. Just testing the water and seeing if anybody would be interested in buying my beloved CTS. I'll try and get some pics up later today as I need to clean her up, so look forward to some offers being thrown at me. The circumstances are, sadly a couple of weeks ago somebody went down the side of my car at night with theirs, but didn't leave their details. I was going to repair her myself but have got another car now (MK1 Octavia VRS). I've took her to a body shop and they told me if I can get a colour matched wing and doors second hand, they would repair the rear quarter and where it goes down to the door jams and blend the paintwork for around £400. The damage does not affect the cars drive in any way. Shes a 2003 5dr model in metallic black. The overall paintwork before the damage was i'd say average-good. The interior I would say is good-very good. Black leather seats all round, standard factory stereo and sat nav with wheel controls. What I've done to her: Engine - 108k, runs like a dream. Recently been in garage for timing cover gaskets, front crank seal, timing chain tensioner o - ring, lift bolts. I didn't bother with a timing chain replacement kit as the mechanic said the condition of the existing one was perfectly fine. She has a new radiator (Nissens), new genuine Toyota thermostat, brand new Samco coolant hose kit (white), full flush with genuine Toyota coolant. New water pump. She had a genuine second hand heater matrix (common fault) fitted by SJ Autosports a couple of years ago. I have always serviced her myself and about a month ago had all the usual filters replaced. She has NGK Iridium plugs and have been in since I bought her (around 4-5 years ago). Running Fuchs Titan Race Pro oil (always had 5w-30 in my ownership). The gearbox has Millers Nanodrive fitted, and was done a year or two ago by myself. I'm not sure if the clutch or flywheel has ever been done, but I've had my fun in her for 4-5 years and she has not shown any signs of going. I was going to have the rocker cover powder coated before this happened, so still have the gasket kit for this which is new/unfitted. Wheels - Had the stock alloys powder coated at Fast Alloys Birmingham in gloss black, may have a few light chips on the front left wheel. The tyres are 205/55 all round Michelin Pilot Sport 3's. Suspension - Brand new Vogtland suspension kit fitted by myself, with brand new front top mounts. Replaced front suspension arms, lower ball joints, track rods and drop links in the process. The front wheel bearings were both done a few years ago as well. I don't think the rears have been done in my ownership. Exhaust - Had a Powerflow cat back exhaust fitted a few years ago. Still have receipt, with an alleged lifetime warranty. She moans well. Brakes - All round Pagid discs and pads. Again, was due to re-haul all calipers and powder coat them. Still have a Big Red caliper repair kit for the car at home, new in the box. She was fully flushed with Pagid fluid before. Windows - Tinted all round. Sun strip also. Honest Problems: I had the air-con re-gassed a while ago, then it went after a few weeks. Still showed pressure in the system, so I had SJ Autosports send me a genuine second hand compressor again as I was advised it could be the clutch sticking. I fitted this and it worked for a while, but now has gone again. Am not sure for this one. Could be the relay switch, could be the condenser, could be the second hand compressor was faulty as well. Lights - Headlight out on one of them, which is strange as I not long ago fitted them with Ring Automotive ones as the MOT tester failed me for having an LED kit fitted. I lost the original retaining clips as the box got threw away with them in. Also, the front left interior light seems dimmer than the right. I removed this a while ago and found the metal contact is not tight enough, so that would need to be modified some how. Will be sad to see her go, as I was close to finishing my project on her. I'd like to think somebody would repair her and carry it on. I understand the value to me is a lot greater than the market value atm, but I know what she is worth in reality, and know what I'd be prepared to accept. Any questions feel free to drop me a message.
  9. Hi, Gearbox is not broken or noisy, just that somebody damaged the side of my car during the night a couple of weeks ago and didn't leave a note, so I was considering doing a conversion to an MR2 Spyder rather than going to the expense of replacing the front and rear door, front wing, front bumper, repairing rear quarter and door jam alongside the materials needed for prep work and painting. Having read upon the costs of the conversion though, I don't think I'll bother. Will try and find two second hand colour matched doors, wing and bumper and do the work all myself. I didn't want to go through the insurance as the car is worth a lot more to me compared to what I think they would give me for it, considering I've not long put a suspension kit on recently and having some engine work done which was not far short of 300.
  10. Anybody have a link handy for where I can get a gearbox rehaul kit for a CTS?
  11. Swapping front bumper/headlights from a pre-facelift CTS to face-lift style Corolla but was wondering if the bulb system is identical between the two? If anybody has a link which has all the fitment types that would be extremely helpful.... Would the fog light connections remain the same, i.e. will the wires and connections fit/clip into the housing in the same manner, or would I need to solder new connectors on? Am hoping the actual headlights and bumper is a straight swap with no problems, with the under tray/arch liners etc connecting up in the same manner. The bumper itself is not the actual official face - lift T - Sport bumper, but just a general 2004-2007 one which I got off eBay, as I want to fit a front spoiler underneath which will replace the old rubbing strips on my pre-facelift bumper.
  12. Had my mechanic torque them to the specs listed in the link provided, and thankfully the car still hits lift just fine. Thanks.
  13. For the two lift bolts on the 2zzge engine, is the correct torque spec as follows....? : 5.5 FT LBS or converted to 7.45 NM Reason being the mechanic who is doing my engine work didn't have a torque wrench that goes that low, and was surprised as he has never torqued that low even on bikes he has worked on in the past. Just wanted to check that these are the correct torque specs on this engine, and that it is 100% crucial that they need to be set at this.
  14. Am going to attempt replacing the two timing chain cover gaskets and tensioner o-ring myself in a couple of weeks when i'm off work but am finding it tricky getting a complete idea of whats involved in the process and hope somebody on here has done it before or knows of whats involved, or has a detailed thread I have not came across yet. From what I've read so far, the rocker cover, water pump, o/s wheel arch liner all need to come off, along with all connected belts and pulleys. Is this all for dismantling parts, and are there any special tools needed? The only thing i'm concerned of is how difficult of a task this could be within 4 days, and could it be done on axle stands without the engine being removed? Also, is there anything tricky involved in the tensioner o-ring replacement? Other than mentioned above, I have another water pump, silicone coolant hose kit, front crank seal and will more than likely be getting a modified 1zz oil pan for a straight fit swap. Anything else recommended to be replaced? How common is it for the oil pumps to go on T - Sports as i'm considering this. The engine has done around 105k. Thanks.
  15. Hi, Anybody know of an existing thread or have any information on converting an MR2 to a 2ZZ set up? I already have a Corolla T - Sport and fancy a change, so the parts would all be taken from my own car. Which parts would go into the MR2 from my T - Sport, and what parts would remain as they are in the MR2? Also, is there anybody on this forum that can do the conversion at a fixed rate, or know of somebody outside of the forum?