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  1. guess i will have to get used to filling her up a lot lol
  2. quite variable by the looks of it, I better open a fuel only bank account and make sure there's loads of money in it lol
  3. ahhh ok cool, i'll get it all looked at, one of my dear ole dad's friends is a mechanic and we always used him when we had ancient cars lol.
  4. Thanks for that info, it is a wicked lil car, I guess I've just been used to driving around in new or almost new cars for the last few years lol
  5. It came with a service so I hope that they would have been changed :s
  6. I know the fuel consumption is bad on a 2.0 petrol rav 4 but in the 1 day I have been the owner of one of these bundles of fun I've calculated that I'm getting about 20 mpg. I was expecting 25 - 30 depending on my journey but 20 mpg is taking the proverbial. Is that what I should be preparing myself for on a regular basis or could the old wreck need a tune lol
  7. lol I live in Plymouth, we don't get snow, but as Plymouth is hilly ice is more of an issue, altho I'm not sure how the Rav will deal with icy roads, but I managed ok in my Mini Cooper S when I had it. I've had a D-4D Rav 4 in the past and loved it, but this lil 2 door is a bundle of fun .... and yes a gas guzzler, I put £30 quid in yesterday, got half a tank and only have a quarter left lolool. I have done an awful lot of miles in it tho .... easily a good 60 miles :o I'm considering taking the back seats out as I run an ironing and laundry business and have a removable pole positioned between the 2 back grab handles. Will make life easier to get ironing in and out thro the back door :)
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have 3 months warranty on all engine parts and I'm not concerned about the clutch or gearbox. They are both working fine, I'm not used to running old cars and I've not had a car this ancient for what seems like centuries lol. I was just wondering if a stiff clutch pedal and crunchy gear change is normal for a car of this age with this mileage. And if they do have to be replaced well that's not an issue either. I may not even keep the car very long but if I do and the expensive bill rocks up, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it ;) As for the sensor, I guess I will have to get used to ignoring the engine management light until the car gives up completely ... I have breakdown cover lol
  9. Hi all :D Well I picked up my 51 (2002) plate 2.0 VVti NRG 2 door Rav 4 with 87k miles on the clock, and what an experience going from a 2012 plate Fiesta to this bag of old nails lol Engine Management Light came on and it turns out to be the exhaust emission sensor, took it back to garage I got it from and they sorted it, but it's on again so will need it to go back n get sorted properly. The clutch is heavy as hell, feels like I'm bench pressing 30kg (or so I imagine what that would be like seeing as I haven't tried it lolol) Changing gear with the recently recon'd gearbox is crunchier than a box of cornflakes, so god knows how long that's going to last. Just wondering if that's normal for a car this old ;) Will need to change the wipers as some stage, the back one isn't even touching the window I don't think lolololol. Thankfully someone saw sense to put a decent head unit in it so at least I can [plug my usb stick into it and get some decent tunes :D The headlights are yellow and there is condensation inside them both :o The lights work so I'm thankful for that haha. Anyway, is there anything I should be looking out for with the fun packed beast? And finally, do you experienced RAV owners have any links to reliable, reasonably price parts suppliers taaaaaaaaa Jan ;D
  10. Hi Frosty, yes both headlights are yellow, but l have looked at the link and have t-cut so will give that a go, cheers for that info, most handy :D
  11. Hello fellow Rav owners :D Recently got rid of a 2012 Fiesta to get myself a silver 2 door, 02 plate Rav 4 2.0 NRG petrol jobbie. A tad nervous about going backwards in respect of age of car, but looking forward to having some fun and using lots of petrol lol It's covered 72000 miles so pretty good milelage, will have a new MOT and has a good service history. Recon'd gearbox and seriously stiff clutch, tho the trader I've bought it off did say he would get that looked at. Faded headlights too, but I can pick up a set of them for £80 on ebay, so not worried about that too much, and I have a good friend who can fit them for me. Just wondering if there is anything I should be keeping an eye on with this lil bag of fun. Had an 04 diesel version a few years ago, but ploughed it into the back of a Pajero and wrote it off :o Hopefully I won't have to ask you experienced owners too many questions but it would be good to have some experience to turn to if need be Cheersies Janine :D