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  1. OK. perhaps I did not explain myself very clearly. I have a gen 3 2012 (May) prius T spirit. On page 245 of the owners manual there is a section for setting up the displays. eg Petrol price, Fuel consumption display, comparison consumption, and calendar. There are others ie Language,Clock, and steering switch. When I bring up the setting to enter the 'Petrol Price' the monetary sign is for Euros. When the summary comes up at the end of a journey, 'Fuel Cost = 0.00 EU' Is there any way to change this to £s Ian
  2. When entering the fuel price, is it the price per ltr or the price per gal ?. I ask because the monetary sign is for Euro but the setting is Miles per gallon. I may have this all wrong (I usually do) but if there is a simple explanation could you please let me know. Confused Ian
  3. Hi All From what I now can gather, the previous owner traded in the car for a new car. The front tyres were worn down to 2mm. (taken from the approved PDI check) 2 New tyres were fitted, namely Autoguard and to the front. You know the rest after I told them to basically stuff them and refused to take the car out of their showroom until they were replaced....... They were !!!! Ian
  4. Thanks to you all for the help and advice. After a lengthy discussion with the local Toyota dealership I now have Michelin tyres on the front of the car. The two rear were left with the Toya tyres. So all in all, a fairly good outcome. But I say it was something that should not have happened. Those Autoguard tyres should never have been fitted. 'they are legal' was the stock reply. 'would you put them on your wife's car'??. Red faces and negative replies to that. Thanks Ian
  5. Thanks cootuk and Mike for your helpful replies. The car was serviced at a main dealer on time for its first service with 11280 miles. that is about all the details I have. However, have just read the PDI check which is dated 4th Feb 2014 and on the tyre tread depth this is what it reads:- Front O/S 2 N/S 2 Rear O/S 7 N/S 5 Spare 5.5 without any stretch of the imagination I would say that these tyres have all been fitted by the Toyota dealer I bought it from. What do you think? Ian
  6. Help or advice please On Monday I took delivery of a Prius T spirit on a 12 plate with only 17,800 miles on the clock. I am very happy with the car, updated the sat nav etc. and then I took a close look at the tyres. 1) The front tyres are Autoguard sa802. As I had never heard of them I looked them up on the net. The reviews I read are a bit frightening to say the least. 2) The rear tyres are Proxes R30. Again I have never heard of them but the reviews are not so bad. My concern is this. Should a car with this low mileage have had to have all tyres changed already. Before I go to the dealers tomorrow could I please have some of your expert advice. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi I am a new member having just bought a low mileage 2012 reg prius and it has speed camera,s and warning beeps as well as a current speed limit icon