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  1. Thank you... Yes I guess is the problem, there are few available in the price range and near enough home to have tried the cvt auto for myself... I have to confess I wondered if that was because people loved them and kept them.... Or nobody liked them enough to buy so your post reassures me and I will look out for a decent one... Patiently :-)
  2. Forgive me for display of ignorance here - exploring cars I can afford around 2005 2006 the older version has an auto box with overdrive which ( according to quoted specs ) is about as brisk as manual version.... On the newer model the performance seems much less perky ( again to quoted specs ).... So my simple question is why ? Is is a cvt gearbox from 2006 or a conventional type automatic without the overdrive gears ? And I suppose I am also curious to know if anybody out there has a 2006 on auto petrol... Does it feel sluggish to drive in real life ? Any info gratefully received :-)
  3. Thank you, will look out for those... Looking very promising so far
  4. Thank you... Looking forward to finding the right one,
  5. Well here I go, first post and the impossible question to answer :-) I have just about made up my mind that I am going to get a RAV4, must have examined every fault reported by honest John for all the medium 4x4 ever made and still like the Toyota best. So I have around £6000 to spend, prefer petrol because I have been put off diesel due to much discussed potential engine problems. At that price I seen to have quite a choice of cars available via Auto trader, what I am pondering is the benefit of a sub 60k mile late Mk 2 or a just over 60 or 70k mile Mk3. My old fashioned logic tells me
  6. Hello, looks like I will soon own my first Toyota, I have 2 Newfoundland dogs and we like to travel in reasonable comfort with a bit of style.... ageing Volvo has become expensive so joined the forum to find out more about what it is like to run a Toyota before I take the plunge :-)
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