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  1. vjm

    ECU or Cat or what?

    So an update for anyone who is experiencing the same problems. I followed advice on here to the letter and had the speed sensor checked out first - no problems came up with that. So, even though my mechanic seemed reluctant to look at the ECU problem because of the age of the car, he duly sent it off and it arrived back today. (Apparently it only took 10 minutes to fix!) Once he'd fitted the ECU and came to start the engine, the battery was totally flat -any ideas why, as it's a virtually new battery? Anyway, jump leads later, I took it on the test run with my heart in my mouth just waiting for the clunk and the stuttering, but absolutely nothing happened. It went so well and I drove round for an hour so that it could gently sort itself out again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, encouraged by Gower Boys post and full of gratitude to gjnorthall for his brilliant analysis of the problem. Thankyou so much - this forum is priceless. 🙂 🙂
  2. vjm

    ECU or Cat or what?

    Thanks Gower boy, that has made me feel hugely optimistic! I have given my mechanic all gjnorthall's notes off the forum (the mechanic probably thinks I'm a pain, but I think it's all really helpful stuff and tbh he hasn't come up with anything!) and I will take yours to the garage tmrw for him to read. So a couple of days ago we had a horrible time going through town, lots of stopping and starting and for the very 1st time the Rav really struggled in low gear - didn't think I would get home. I too thought the gearbox had had it. So took it straight to the garage and today he has tested the speed sensors and found nothing wrong. So I have asked him to remove and send off the ECU- he moaned about how hopeless the company were!! I know...….after this job I'm going to use another garage! But your remark re 2002 auto Ravs makes me think we might just get this right - really hope so cos I love my Rav too. Thanks again everyone for all this advice- very much appreciated.
  3. vjm

    ECU or Cat or what?

    Thanks very much. Speed sensor will be my first job then. As you say, I really hope the gearbox hasn't become damaged. I will re-post once I've had repairs done as this might be helpful for others who are experiencing the same problems.
  4. vjm

    ECU or Cat or what?

    Thank you so much for those responses Flatfour and gjnorthall- very helpful indeed. Maybe I can sort this problem once and for all just short of £1000 then? Would you agree that it's worth spending that amount on this car, which as I said before, I really like and would like to preserve, or would you say I might be throwing good money after bad? I do appreciate that's a hard one to answer when you don't know the car, but if you were me...........??
  5. Hi I have a 2002 Rav 4nrg (petrol) automatic. About 2 years ago the engine warning light came on but the garage said the diagnostics didn't show anything so to ignore it. It has come on very occasionally since then, with no noticeable drop in performance. However, starting about 6 months ago, the car sometimes took longer to change through the lower gears and 2 or 3 times has made a loud clunking noise when pulling away. On long motorway journeys it goes like a bird and is fine. It seems to be when I have been in slow moving traffic or when it is ' pushed' up a steeper gradient. I have learnt to pull away slowly and nurse it through the gears which is usually fine. I took it for a diagnosis because having read on here about ECU problems, all the descriptions seemed to match mine. The only codes thrown up were P0420 and P0430, catalyst efficiency system and PO500,vehicle speed sensor A. My mechanic didn't suggest the cat and clearly thought it was not the ECU because of the codes and intimated that I should just 'see how it went' and if it kept happening, just get rid of it, i.e., he couldn't really be bothered or he was thinking about my purse! If it was the auto gearbox, would that have thrown up a code? I love this car and don't want to lose it even though it's old now (mileage 125K) but is in great condition body wise. I have read on various sites, not to immediately change the cat in the first instance, because it could be a variety of other faults which are just affecting the cat. I need to know that if I go along the repair route, a rough idea of cost, as my budget is limited. I would love someone to give me an explanation if possible of potential causes of this and remedies if they have experienced the same problems. Hoping for uplifting responses!! Thanks so much, Damsel in distress!
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies- really helpful info.
  7. Hi, I'm new to the forum having just bought a 2002 Rav 4 NRG 3 door auto VTi which I was assured by the garage, was 4WD. I really need a 4WD because of my drive to work in Winter. However, when I asked him how to change it to 4WD he said press the 'shift select' button. Have now picked up the car and been reading the handbook and that seems like something he might just have thought up on the spot! No mention in the owners handbook of how to switch to 4WD- have I been had or is it just permanently in 4WD? Would really love some info before I go back and challenge him as I know some 3 door NRGs ARE 4WD, so I'm very confused now. Help Rav 4 owners- can you help a damsel in distress??!!
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