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  1. thanks lee thats a great help cheers. local toyota were not too helpful, too by the book which is fair enough but not any help to me, but he did suggest that as an original factory chassis cab it would have had all same wheel tyre combination.So at least i know what options i have now. once again thanks, andy
  2. cheers Lee, heres my vin: CM550034998 Not sure how relative it is as its an import. I'm on hols in cornwall and am off to local Toyota dealership today to get their recommendations.cheers,andy
  3. hi i have an imported townace campervan 94 'L' plate and it has non UK size wheels on the back,12.5 and would like to know what could be recommended as replacements for it maybe 14in? its tyres are 225x50x12.5 truck tyres and they are not available in UK so need to get two replacement wheels that are legal and safe.i dont mind replacing all four if its necessary. the fronts are 13in normal sized wheels and tyres.