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  1. Well at least I know that is not just me! Thanks for the info. I'm looking at a full ICE install anyway so will be sound deadening anyway plus I can always just turn up the volume lol
  2. the glass and motor of the sun roof are fine however the two pieces that govern the glass when the sunroof is closed have come way from each other and don't slide back with the glass as they obviously have come away from the runners. Do i have to take off the head lining to fix or is there a way to do it without the hassle and time of removing it.?
  3. Thank you will PM now. Cant believe how difficult it is to find the right colour. Im after a new bonnet and front splitter as there are quite badly stone chipped and i see some i like on ebay and else where but i don't want to commit due to not wanting to get the incorrect colour!!!! Arrrrhhhhhhhh Thanks again
  4. So as far as i can see it is standard but im very new to this car so if anyone can tell me different i would be very grateful. Also some help on the colour. The book says sapphire blue, is this right as i was also told that it was lagoon blue and the toyota page i looked at says its Spectra blue !!!!
  5. thats not a bad idea! also my boot struts are getting a bit soft now and they squeak when i open the boot and then bounce the back of the car. it sounds the same but could this be the issue? does the struts move in and out a little when the boot is shut???
  6. hi, my car does the same. It squeaks over bumps and it really does sound like there is a shock issue however its a squeak not a knocking and everything has been checked and is fine. My next thought is to strip all the plastic from the boot and see if that eliminate the issue however its quite a lot of work. If anyone has any other ideas then please help!!!
  7. My fuel gauge on my Gen 7 1.8 keeps giving me varying readings. I put £20 of fuel in a empty tank and so far i have only got 70 miles from the tank. The car has been well driven so not due to being frashed! I will be sat at lights and the gauge will go up a bar stay for approximately 2-3 mins then drop again. Has anyone experienced this before or any ideas!
  8. thank you forum has been very helpful so far and i hope that it continues to do so. I also hope that i can also contribute to the forum. I have been on may in the last few years and this is the best forum so far in regards to us ability and members. nice job
  9. Thank you Awebb180 thats a small weight off the old fray matter.
  10. Hi, just purchased my first toyota corolla 1.8 VVY-i Gen 7 2000. was a steal at £400!! it has don a lot of miles however a full service history is there. There are a few issues with the car but hopefully nothing major. The first issue is: when i start the her from cold she idles around 1300rpm and when warms drops to 980 isn rpm. Is this normal and if not what could the problem be. When driving there are a few knocks at the rear of the car especially when driving on small bumps. I have checked the shocks and springs and all seam fine. am i right in saying it could be a warn suspension bush. I
  11. Hay everyone, So i have just brought a 2000 Toyota Celica ZZT23 1.8 16V VVT-i In Lagoon Blue. It has full service history and has covered 115000 miles. One owner from new who was a very nice lady who i don't think took it out of 3rd gear. LOL Are you ready for this i only paid £450 as she new my misses ;-) I have done quite a lot of research and from what i have read i know about the oil issues on the pre face lift model. Now for some advice! What are the key things i need to do first before making it my own, are there any components that i should replace due to the age of the car or because o
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