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  1. I've gone for the Toyota clutch in the end. I got the clutch kit for £171 delivered from burrows Toyota parts in the end - I agree with you there. Very good service and delivered quickly. Its was only £50 more than the cheapest retailer selling the ADL kit from MPD, as its a big job, thought it best to stick with Toyota parts! Regards DOM
  2. Hey all, I am looking at replacing the clutch on my 2005 yaris Tsport - there is slight judder every now and then, stiffness and always had that annoying squeak from the clutch release bearing (appeared just outside of its warranty!). Question 1: Is it best to get the Toyota clutch rather than a ADL Blueprint - Everything points to the Toyota but is there a massive difference? Question 2: Does anyone have experience of buying from burrowstoyotaparts? Looks like there are few threads on here for them,,,,think they have an ebay thing too. I have often done part number searches in the past but only recently seen them. Many thanks Dom
  3. You do realise that if you buy it you HAVE to actually use it!! lol
  4. so now evey1 knows that we are detailing nuts. :D Do you have OCD like me? lol :P
  5. Your on the DW website are you not??? I seem to recognise that pic!
  6. yer thats in great condition. Its as clean as mine id say lol. Keep it up. :) Forgot to ask..... you buy it second hand then?? You say ur a detailer. What was the condition of the paint work when you got it as it looks great now? Did you have to use any abrasive compounds on it or was it already in pretty good nick?? And what do you use for the engine bay?? I do mine and toyota say that may be the course of my squeaky clutch bearing which has just developed at 22k miles on an 05 plate. DOM
  7. Is this £173 off toyota for the clutch itself or to fit it?? My release bearing has started to squeak after just 23k miles, on my 3 and a half year old TS. Toyota want 385 just to remove the gearbox. Very annoyed as the squeak irritates the pants off me. And cant justify paying that much on such a small part. :(
  8. lol well im around the artichoke late evenings on tuesday, or much of my driving is in chelmsford. Or im in a different car. Thats probably y u havent seen me. DOM
  9. well you can get a wire loom from toyota which puts the current 4 speakers on one channel so you can use ur 6x9's on the other. So when you fade the sound the rear would be + and the front 4 speakers would be -. Does that make sense?? Then you'd just need to splice the cable at the right place for ur 6x9's.... I know this from one of our yaris coming with factory fitted rear speakers and i was going to copy it using my own speakers. But never actually have done. I have the loom somewhere. Sure other people who have actually done it will be here soon so explain there way.
  10. I just got 300 miles out of my ts. Thats only up to the warning light, filled up straight away. Worked out to be 38mpg at a cost of 14p mile.
  11. Hi, if its a mk 1 its pretty easy. Ive done it on my dads gls about a year ago, with the help of the haynes manual which i got free from the library! Just a case of draining the coolant, loosen the nut near the alternator to free up the belt, remove that then undo the water pump. Only trouble i had was finding a tool that would reach a nut on the engine to drain the engine block of coolant. I failed to find that tool so had to catch the load as i removed the pump.
  12. hi, just a quick question... Our w reg gls had its 120k service this week at toyota at £218. Thing is the spark plugs are due to be changed every 40k, along with the coolant every 20k. Question is should the plugs get changed as part of the quoted service price and you only pay for the plugs themselves? I have a feeling the manual states extra charge for replacement of the coolant but not sure of the plugs?? Toyota have failed to replace the spark plugs and failed to change the coolant for the second time in a row. Have they tried to cut corners buy not fittin new plugs?? Thanks DOM
  13. OMG! You do that much on it? What is the model of battery they come with? It must be different. You shouldn't really be publishing that you down' !Removed! lol. That should remain in ya bedroom. Got any good links? ONLY JOKING! Sorry to get your hopes up about the thread lol. You will need to buy yourself a new head unit to fit inside the gap on your dash. One with an auxillary port on the front. There are some 'how to' links on this forum i believe to help you. DOM
  14. Hey. The phone will be flat after listening to about 3 tracks lol. Hope she has an in-car charger as well! The battery life on those is poor. I have one myself. Its a little better since I updated the software i might add. Hopefully yours will be alot better being brand new. Is it the N95 8gig or standard?
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