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  1. Thanks Mike. I'll try to locate the indicator relay and attempt to determine if it's faulty. Accessing the indicator stalk itself seems like something that is outwith my abilities (don't fancy tampering with the airbag!!). Thanks again for your post.
  2. Hi All, This is my first post so please bear with me! I have a 2007 Toyota Auris 2.0 D-4-D which has been a great car from day one. Recently I have noticed an issue with my indicators, when I push the indicator stalk up to signal a right turn the indicator briefly turns on then off again (with the indicator still in the up position). To get the indicator to stay on I need to either push the stalk up more or hold it in the up position (not great when I'm going round a roundabout!). The same problem happens when I'm turning left but it isn't as bad (doesn't happen as often). After a bit of searching I've found references to problems with fuses or flash units? I don't think the problem is fuse related because the indicators are turning on both from using the indicator stalk and hazards. It might be the flash unit but I don't know what the function of that is, other than it's a relay so perhaps the relay is on the way out and is only coming in intermittently? If anyone has had or heard of this issue, I'd appreciate it if you could explain how it was resolved. Also, does anyone have a schematic that shows how to remove the indicator stalk or how to access the flash unit so I can have a bash at taking them out and checking them this weekend? Thanks to all for any help offered. Best regards, Niall.
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