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  1. Nothing available, but have set up a search alert, so that is handy. Thanks
  2. Cheers chaps - I have checked both. However, neither have leather interior or NAV unfortunately
  3. Anybody got any thoughts on waiting for a T180 on a 59 plate with leather and NAV? Will one come along eventually and anybody got any additional places to look beyond Autotrader / motors / guntree etc. ? Thx
  4. Ah - Just read that this is for: ��Verso with 2AD (Prod. Date: Apr 2005 to Nov 2008) So are they saying that post Nov 2008, the engine is different and not effected by the issue? Seems odd, I thought there was no significant change post 07 to the T180.
  5. Cheers Frosty - that is really interesting. So are we talking a large % of owners that have this problem? I did see a few threads mentioning the issue, but difficult to guage how big a problem it is. Although if Toyota are offering the extended warranty, they must be admitting this is a design fault which is likely to occur and **** people off who have just gone out of standard warranty. Makes me think better of looking at that (57) 2008 plate, as would only have a years cover on the vehicle. Hmm, almost makes you want to look for one that has already failed and been replaced. Although I read a few threads of poeple going through 3 or enev 4 engines. So sounds like the new Engine doesn't necessarily fix the problem, just kicks the can down the road a bit.
  6. Shaft120

    The Beast - My Surf

    96' 3rd Gen, 3.4ltr SSR-G V6 Petrol, Auto
  7. Hi This is my first post on this forum - am a long term member of the Hilux Surf owners club, and am considering purchasing a Verso. I'm looking for the 07-09 model, in particular I'd like as late as possible (59 plate), on the T180 variant, with leather and NAV in either Silver or Black. However, I cannot find this combination for love nor money at the moment. I have only been looking for the last week or so and have trawled the various sales sights. So thought I dhould ask the people who would know best :P I'll run through a search on the forum for common issues to look out for with the model - although please tell me if I should be particularly wary of anything - but what I wanted to know was should I keep on waiting for the model I want to come up, or will I be waiting in vain? I've seen a model in grey on a 2008 57 plate, which meets all other criteria and is about 50k n the clock, but this is the closest I've seen. Do you reckon I should go in for this - or should I hold out, safe in the knowledge the model I want will turn up everntually? As I say if anybody has a well looked after one meeting spec, and they fancy selling or alternatively having my 96' V6 Raised Surf in p/x, then let me know! It's a beast - but unfortunately 2 seats short... damn kids.. Anyhow - nice to first time post.
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