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  1. Sorry for the late reaction, the connectors are from a old computer. But if u solder tin on the end of the wire u also can put them in the connector.
  2. Let me know if u have succeeded your camera project.
  3. Almost, strip the black rca video wire. Then u will see 2 wire's The naked braided wire is the negative,(v-schield 23) the other is 22 Right from the licenseplate lights there's a hole behind the licenseplate lights strip. That was my way in, en then i fed it tru the rubber in to the car.
  4. i bought a camera on ebay and stripped the wire's into 1 video ground and 1 video+ so now you have 4 wire's +red(12v) - black (12v) videoground black and videoground yellow tap from your backlights the 12v+ and negative videoblack you put in 23 and yellow in 22 the connector in your car have numbers on them. Put your car in reverse and enjoy Please let me know if you succeed
  5. Hello Guys, I have a camera successfully connected to the B9005 from the auris. Here are some picturesmy English is not very good but doing my best.
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