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  1. Gomoca

    IQ diesel

    There was a time when i had to do 180 km daily without any problem. Its maintenance is nothing scandalous!
  2. Gomoca

    IQ diesel

    Hi, I'm Portuguese and my IQ is a diesel, from 2009, with 185000km and still have lots of power (90hp). 4 break disc, 6 speed-gearbox, consumes 5lt every 100km. I'm very please with the car!!
  3. Hi Shogunswb, I think i had the same problem with the gearbox. I don't now where is that topic but, it was a small piece of metal broken. Gomoca
  4. Hi everyone 

    I've owned my black iQ3 for about 5 months now .It is 4 years old and has done 31000 miles.Absolutely love it to bits but have noticed one or two things I'm not totally sure about with it and thought I would ask your opinion.First I've noticed the gearbox (6 speed manual) is noisy e.g. whines quite a bit ,more noticeable higher end of box .Is this something to get checked out or  is it an IQ thing?




  5. Gomoca

    Loss of Third Gear

    I think i had the same problem... Best luck ;)
  6. Gomoca

    Luggage area

    Uau!!! Nicely done!
  7. Gomoca

    Gearbox Problem

    Finally I had a response from Toyota related to the gearbox ... an anormal situation but, here's the warning. In the velocity gear zone there is a metal spike, which was almost breaking. The difficulty in putting the speed changes is justified. Thanks
  8. Gomoca

    Gearbox Problem

    Exactly! And the clutch had already been replaced at 120,000km. I'm waiting for Toyota's 'feedback'. I saw on the net, there are problems in the gearbox in the 1st generation iq ...
  9. Gomoca

    Gearbox Problem

    Hi, I wonder if some of you have ever had problems with the gearbox. Today, with difficulty, I was able to drive the car to Toyota garage using the 1st and 3rd gear... My car is from 2009, 1.4 diesel, and has 158,000km's. Any comments are welcome! Thanks!
  10. Gomoca

    iQ fog light lens

    Hi Bob809, I'm fine with my headlights was just a suggestion...
  11. Gomoca

    iQ fog light lens

    Try toothpaste to polish and water. It works very well!!
  12. Sometimes the clip panel can crack.
  13. I had the same problem and it was the plastic cover/peace in the interior mudguard. Sometimes it works with panel clip!!!