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  1. I have a 59 plate Aygo and it has the 2 cut outs in the lower front bumper area covered with the plastic mesh. Is there anywhere I can get some led driving/fog lights and the surround to fit? I know I would need the plastic surround to fit into the hole then the lights fit onto the surround. Obviously there is Toyota but their prices are high. Have looked online but can't find the surround. Must be available from somewhere as the picture show but where????? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I'm after someone to swap steering wheels on a 59 plate Aygo Blue.I'm in Northampton.Any ideas?Have had bad experiences with the main dealer.
  3. I have a 59 playe Aygo Blue.And I have a leather steering wheel which I want fitted.I'm looking for someone to swap them over.Northampton,Kettering,Daventry area.Any suggestions as to where I can get this dine?Pref not Toyota main dealers.Thanks.
  4. That's what I thought.Local garage that I use wouldn't touch it though.
  5. Been told by a garage that it has to be Toyota that does the swap.True or false?
  6. Thank you.I will get someone to swap them over for me.Just wondered if they had slightly different fittings.
  7. That much I do understand.
  8. I have a 59 plate Aygo Blue with the standard rubber/plastic steering wheel. I would like to swap this for a leather one from another Aygo. Is this a straight forward swap or is it not that easy? Probably a stupid question but I'm unsure.
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