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  1. so it is the immobiliser. Is there any way around this like hook up a new fuel pump or is it fuel injected at certain times many thanks
  2. Hello, some good news managed to get the car running for a few seconds. I put petrol down the bores and got it to run for around 5-10 seconds each time. The thing its not doing is not sucking the petrol through. Could this be the ecu or the petrol pump
  3. yes it is suppose to run and Toyota said they don't know why it doesn't run and wont tell us anything about it. The car has a spark but is getting no petrol through. If we hooked up a fuel supply and pumped it through would it run? Has it got certain timings for the petrol to inject many thanks
  4. we run a mechanic course and wanted a few new cars to work on therefore Toyota donated 2 cars one a runner and the other a non-runner
  5. Hello, this car is brand new and has never been on the road. My school is sponsored by Toyota and the cars that are damaged on the production line were given to us. Therefore Toyota took everything ie vin number, etc The car never got as far as being registered but they cut the chassis number out of the car so it can never go on the road. hope this helps
  6. we put an e-obd metre on it and it came up with no codes. The cars don't have vin numbers or any identification have these have been cut out. There are no codes so it cant be that much wrong with it. Could the key be the problem. I don't think there is any fuel getting to it. If the key didn't work there wouldn't be a spark. There fore we think it is a fuel problem hence why we thought the pump was knackered. When we took the spark plugs out they weren't wet with petrol and you couldn't smell petrol. We also but a computer diagnosis's on it and no codes came up. The car has been hit on the back bumper. Is they a emergency fuel cut of switch which doesn't let fuel pump? If there is not any fuel getting the fuel rail what could it be? many thanks
  7. no we got one key with the car and that is the courtesy key and the security light goes out when turned over and has a spark. I will try that on Monday. Toyota could of done something not to start it. We have 2 Toyotas but only one runs. Does it need another key?
  8. could it possibly have an airlock?
  9. we have tried that but still no fuel to the fuel rail. so the fuel pump doesn't work until the car is running. When I took the connection off it was under pressure does this mean its getting fuel? Could Toyota have done something to it to stop it starting? Also the car has never been started and never heard it run. Its a 1.0l engine around 2010-2012model. How exactly does the fuel pump work? many thanks
  10. Hello, at the school I work at we have a brand new Toyota Yaris which was given to us by Toyota. The car was in a showroom for a few years , when we got the car it didn't start. There fore we investigated it and found out it had a spark but had no petrol in the tank. We have put petrol in the tank but there is no fuel pumping to the injectors. We have taken a look at the fuel pump and it doesn't work but is getting power to it. Does anybody have any ideas? many thanks