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  1. Hi Darren, sorry its taken me so long to reply. I'm not aware of any 'off the shelf' back boxes, but I know Powerflow dealers will make one up to suit. I was quoted £420 for 2.5" twin pipes from dpf back with no boxes. I reckon they'll charge about £50 per box.
  2. I have a spare, I'll message you.
  3. Thanks :) I am tempted to take the TRD bit away, but from a distance it looks pretty good I think. Makes the front end stand out a bit more since it looks pretty standard head on. I've tried finding a T180 badge in the same style but I cant find any! The standard seats just don't fit me very well, they are comfy enough but I'd prefer them to hold me in a little more, plus after having a drive in the lexus, it felt so much comfier. There is a sun shade under the roof window, its amazing how much noise it blocks out when its raining too.
  4. Hi Guys and Girls. Just wanted to share my Auris with you. 2007 T180 with just under 60000 Miles on the clock. She's been lowered 30mm at the front, 40m rear on PI Springs. HID front lights, Led side lights and number-plate lights. Rear window tints and spoiler added (genuine spoiler, I was one of the lucky few who found a written off Auris with one), New stereo and because I am a self confessed delinquent, a subwoofer. Also some logo projectors for when I open the doors, featuring Batman ;-) Future mods I have planned are 18" wheels all round, front splitter, Lexus IS200 seats (maybe), piano black wrapped surrounds that are grey/silver around the interior. I keep telling myself I will stop there, but I also said I would stop at lowering and the spoiler. Let me know what you think! Cheers.
  5. Just the panel filter, sorry should have mentioned that.
  6. Hi gents. I put a k&n air filter In my t180. now on boost at around 2500rpm, the air blows off. In your opinion, could this be caused the increase In airflow from the filter? I'm hoping I don't have a boost leak from a hose..
  7. Sounds good mate, makes a hell of a difference on the front end grip wise.
  8. Hiya mate, I bought my springs from PI on ebay. Mine are for a T180, and I'm not sure if they are interchangeable with the SR/ PI do a set for it, but I have had them on two of my cars now and I stand by them. I think they were around £110, lowering the front by 30mm, the back by 40mm. I don't have any photos on here unfortunately because the site crashes whenever I try.
  9. The one I have just bought is the Toyota motorsport spoiler, usually on the SR. Not sure if this is the speed chaser spoiler one.
  10. Thanks guy, brilliant help as always!!
  11. Hi Chaps, I've just managed to source a second hand TRD spoiler for my T180 for £90, and will fit after its painted. However I cant find how to remove the original spoiler anywhere on the internet. I can only see one flathead screw in the small opening just above the rear strip brake light, so I assume it is clipped on elsewhere. Does anyone know the best way to remove the original? Any help would be great. Many thanks in advance! Jordan
  12. Okay, thanks guys, this helps a lot :-)
  13. Okay. So to put the bluespark box on, I'd need to uprate the clutch. (220 bhp, 360 ish lb/ft)
  14. Thanks guys. Since yours has been chipped, do you know what the limits are In terms of power/torque that can be put through the clutch?
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