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  1. Tried the increase volume trick but a no go unfortunately ! have contacted Toyota who say it is normal and an increase in volume would cause a distraction when driving, they have referred it to their design team...
  2. Hi just took delivery of new Yaris Hybrid and have found a niggling point with the Touch Multimedia Traffic Announcements, they don't appear to increase in volume when a TA is activated dealer informs me that it is normal which means that if travelling on motorway you need to have volume on a high setting ! in order to hear the announcements, has anybody else noticed this or moreover is there a cure (other than dumping car) my previous Toyota Auris Radio auto incresed volume so whats the problem... Paul
  3. Hi everybody have had this used Auris 1.6 V Matic 6,500 miles on the clock for about 4 months and have experienced gear change problems from day one, changing up in Auto mode from 2nd to 3rd just does not happen all the time it skips 3rd and goes to 4th leaving the engine a labouring mode and I end up using kickdown to get 3rd again, has anybody else experienced this and if so found a cure, some help would be great. Paul
  4. Hi everybody my names Paul and have recently purchased a used Auris V Matic and must admit I am completely new to this so you all bear with me.. Paul
  5. Hi Guys Anybody had gear change problems my Auris seems to want to do things I dont ie; change from 2nd to 4th causing the engine to labour instead of maintaining engine revs and speed. Car is still under warranty and has been back to dealer twice and is booked in for a third time their diagnostics cant find any probs. Any help would be appreciated.
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