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  1. I have a touch and go, but recently the volume level from my iPhone 4 music is much much lower. I cannot say whether it has to do with the iOS 8 upgrade or was there before. Even with the volume on the set at max it is hardly audible. I have deleted the music on my iPhone and reloaded it. I have also deleted the pairing and rest, to no avail? Any thoughts? Will check other forums. Sent from my iPad using Toyota OC
  2. I know this is sad but the Lego part number is 4541455 Tyre Low Narrow 024x7mm at £0.24 each! Portocksboy
  3. Hi dgbt86 That works a treat, and the notchy ones do not look out of place. My local Toyota garage is going to buy some in at 16p a piece! Thank you for the tip. I love my GT86 but haven't yet had the courage to switch off the stability control! When yours arrives have fun and report back!
  4. I have now had my lovely GT86 for a couple of weeks now and love it. The only thing that disappoints me is Touch and Go. I could have bought a better product from Halfords for a fifth of the money! The Navigation system is slow to load, calculate and is very crude. But my main gripe is that The Touch and Go is designed for cars with steering wheel controls. To adjust the audio volume is a long stretch to a tiny smooth knob. Most unpleasant. Unless i have missed a trick somewhere. And why could the driving stats be not on the screen as in other Toyotas rather than having to share the same display as the odometer and two trips. I know the design is retro, but has anyone ever looked at the analogue speedo? IMHO the space would be better used with MPG, outside temp and the like! Thoughts?
  5. Hi 1 week in, love it. Yes KINGO nothing like my Capri. You can drive into the wind and keep the front wheels on the ground. All in all amazing, but do feel that the VSC is working hard for me! Only down note is I don't think the Touch and go is a patch on the Prius systems. On the GT86 the volume control is a long way away, smooth and very small! With no steering wheel buttons (retro look I suppose) the management of the system is risky!
  6. Portocksboy


    I pick up my GT86 on Friday!!!!!! I have been a Prius (2 and 3) driver for the last 9 years and loved them. Then retirement and late onset male menopause took its grip. I am looking for advice or help for a course which will help me to enjoy my new care safely. I am not looking for track days, just guidance on driving a rear wheel drive vehicle. My last rear wheel drive car was a 2.0 Capri in the late 70's! Anyone help?
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