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  1. Hi, I last posted on the 31st January when I had just removed and cleaned the egr valve on my 2007 2.2 diesel Verso. Only 3 months and 3000 miles later and the engine management light comes on and it goes into limp mode again. The car has been driven in town and has sat in a lot of traffic in that time but is that really normal or could there be another cause? Seems I've been unlucky with this car as the crank oil seal has just started to weap as well but hey ho... Looking for answers please.
  2. Hi all my 2007 Verso 2.2 diesel engine management light came on today and the car went into limp mode, I was sure it was the EGR valve being blocked so after removing and giving it a good clean the car now runs perfectly. However the warning lights are still showing - engine management, tr control and vsc.Can anybody tell me how to reset these myself or does it have to be done by a garage? Many thanks in advance Andy.
  3. Thanks for your posts. I think I will go with the xcarlink Bluetooth option.
  4. Hi I currently drive a 2007 Verso TR and am looking to connect an iPhone and a 4th generation iPod to the existing stereo. The system won't let me connect my phone's music through the Bluetooth and would only be on one speaker anyway. I have read about transmitters that go into the phone which could loose signal or there is the possibility of disconnecting the 6 cd multi player and replacing it with a lead to come from say the glove box into the sound socket on a device. Has anyone solved this problem? Please give me some advice.
  5. Hi, many thanks for both your replys. Having decided to not have a tow bar fitted I'm going to buy a roof rack for the Verso Tr. Although fuel consumption would be down on long journeys I reckon it is practical to be able to access the boot and much more sturdy and of course lockable. Thanks again Andy.
  6. Thanks Mike, however I'd rather not fit a tow bar and would be looking for a strap or clip on carrier for 3 bikes. Probably one of those high level ones so as not to cover up the number plate, or even a set of roof bars for the 2007 Verso with no roof rails. Regards Andy.
  7. ambry900

    Bike Rack.

    Hi, having just purchased a 2007 Corolla Verso TR I'm looking to carry push bikes on the back. The car does't have roof bars so I will be looking for a good quality strap or clip on bike rack. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks Andy.
  8. Hi I'm new to one of these forums and to Toyota.We've just bought a Verso 2.2tr and are very impressed with the way it drives and are liking the gadgets it comes with. Looking forward to learning more about the car and talking to other members. Cheers Andy.
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