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  1. Hi guys, Im going to get a second hand air pump and see if I can fix this damm problem myself, is it an easy enough job or is it a garage worth it? If anyone has any tips or a tutorial I would appreciate it, Thanks!
  2. Guys I have obtained the code myself using a OBD Reader, It is definitely the secondary air injection system. P0410 is the code that comes up. I've done a bit of reading and even replacing the air pump, which is very expensive, can seem to not fix the problem. Any ideas on this?
  3. If you find a cheap fix please let me know, I don't want to pay a lot of money. Does anyone know Will the car fail MOT if it still has this issue? In addition I am happy driving it but I would prefer that the traction control is on in case of emergencies.
  4. Alright mate I am having the same air pump problem, did you ever fix yours?

  5. I misheard the garage on the phone, I went to pick up the car today and apparently its the air pump that was being flagged up? They have reset the fault and said to come back If there is an error, however I would rather do a bit of an investigation myself first. Any ideas?
  6. Hi guys, I had the garage read the codes and the mass air flow sensor is being flagged up, is it safe enough to give this a clean and can anyone please provide a location/picture of what this looks like? In addition Just Davvee, can you please state where the OCV is ? Wouldn't harm in getting the OCV cleaned aswell.
  7. I disconnected the battery and it seemed to work for while as the Tracking control buttons worked and all the lights went off but the lights eventually came back on and I couldn't toggle traction control on or off. Any ideas on this? I really don't want to spend a lot of money on the car at the moment but would like to get to the bottom of this ,
  8. There isnt a way to read the ECU yourself is there? On my Integra if you bridge two ports with a paperclip there was a morse code like flashing light that allowed you to decify the error.
  9. Hi guys, The VSC, engine warning and tracking off light has just came on. haven't changed the the wheels recently or anything but the tyres are a bit on the thin side ? Could this be a problem? I'm going to try disconnecting the battery from the research I have done but Im hoping it isn't going to be an ongoing problem. Any been able to solve this? Cheers
  10. Hi Guys, My car is due for an MOT next month and its in great nick, however I noticed the other day that the exhaust tip after the back box seems to have rotten off lol. Would a garage be able to source and weld on a new one? Seems a bit daft to replace the entire exhaust for such a small part? cheers
  11. Hi there I currently have 195/55R16"s on mine :)
  12. Hi guys, Looking to replace my tyres as they are looking a bit on the bald side lol. Looking for a good everyday tyre, not budget or high end spec(as its rare that I ever go fast in the car) but something semi decent. Cheers guys
  13. Hi guys, Please see the pics attached below. I have a red 03 corolla tsport, love the car but 3 months ago after a power wash seshion the bonnet lacquer has begun to peel off the car. Any suggestions on the best way forward on this? Should I get a respray or just go for a new bonnet?? Cheers
  14. H guys, My corolla has started infrequently making a rather loud "clonk" style noise. This isn't constant and happens only now and then , but it is very loud. I notice it must when Im coming off a junction it is sometimes very noticeable and increases in speed/frquency and when I go to a set of lights and brake it gradually slows down, but then it usually goes away. I,e it doesn;t seem to stay for long. Not sure if it is engine releted as the engine is performing well ? Any ideas on what to check? Thanks very much
  15. Hi guys, Away to change my oil and just wondering what type of filter and Oil I need? Any problems in accessing the filter itself? Cheers