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  1. Hi all, Had a bit of a crash in my Rav4 XT5 and the off-side side-step had to be replaced with a new one, as these come in pairs I have the other one which i'm listing on eBay If anyone is after a replacement side-step please DM me - Full set costs £280 from Toyota and would consider sensible offers. Looking to get around £60 ono and buyer collects or arranges collection at their own cost. Thanks Dave
  2. Seriously, they removed B100DY.
  3. Okay, thanks for all replies - battery arrived and fitted and all good. Find it strange that the little key inside the fob is basically a waste of time and space, but as never heard my alarm go off before I must say its !Removed! load :-)
  4. Hi, regarding your first point "1) Are there any differences between the 06 and the 08 model? For example: my 07 Auris had the clicking steering wheel, which was fixed, but I've seen similar problems in the RAV4." I have a 2007 D-4D XT5 and had this problem, didn't show up on test drive but after about a week got a knocking/clicking noise at low speed on turns and worse when reversing into parking when steering on full lock - it was a simple fix and Toyota updated the part so now you only need I think the lower part of the steering column. Also you can hide noise by taking off the caitor and greasing it up and I think this is what the garage did before selling to me. Hope that helps Dave
  5. Hi all, long time no post. Okay both my key fob batteries have just about had it so my question is in three parts. 1) I need to double check this battery on eBay is the correct one, one of the fobs has this in - Panasonic CR1632 3V 2) When I change the battery do I need to do anything to pair it with the car or will it just work? 3) Currently having to use the small key to open the door, but it sets the alarm off (god it's loud) any reason why this would happen? Thanks in advance Dave
  6. Would you buy a convertible mid winter or are you more likely to buy on a hot summers day? Not marketing hype it's fact and with that when the weather soon gets cold and 6 inches of snow is on the ground then go snap-up a convertible as they will be cheap as chips.
  7. I purchased direct from main dealer, side steps fitted by main dealer but front guard and rear chrome bar fitted by a body repair shop as three times cheaper than what Toyota wanted for fitting.Don't go for second hand parts as I got a second hand front guard and had to buy a new one as second hand one was f***** and a costly error. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/161109-my-rav4-modifications/
  8. DAVEXT5

    Rav4 Air Con

    Yeh I looked at them and other main garages like ATS, so rang my local garage.
  9. That's life!!!!!!! We all sound very British when we just except that hey we can't get it here so why bother.
  10. Is anyone frustrated that you can't get a UK Haynes Manual past 2006 for your RAV4? I have emailed them and they say they only do a US petrol version and frankly I don't get why. I'm not a mechanic but would like a bit more knowledge on the in's-and-out's of my 2007 XT5.
  11. DAVEXT5

    Rav4 Air Con

    You could have told me that first :-/
  12. DAVEXT5

    Rav4 Air Con

    Spot on mate, thanks. 40 squid job done.
  13. Walk away - yes they might fix all issues but they might not, so roll the dice if you feel lucky
  14. DAVEXT5

    Rav4 Air Con

    I do not know as only got the car in March