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  1. As per my first post I think it's the tensioner - if the timing chain had issues the sound would be present all the time, I'm guessing. A stab in the dark would be the lower oil pressure on idle coupled with thick oil when cold not being able to sufficiently pressurize the tensioner. I've been told it's a very small hole the oil has to travel up in order for the tensioner to work. Any official Mr T or experience mechanics out there care to hazard a guess? PS: The car is back with its owner, the fault having failed to appear at Mr T
  2. Interesting... Has anyone else had this problem? I don't dispute this has happened, but if it's widespread with the Aygo there should be occurences of it in the UK too. However, it doesn't sound like valves, the sound itself is too 'random' for that, like something is loose. When people hear it they say "Ouch, something is wrong with your engine!" My own Aygo engine is a little noisy/tappety when cold and on idle (under 10,000 miles) but this engine, when the rattling occurs, sounds nothing like mine at all. I must try and obtain a recording - imagine someone rattling the blade of a screwdriver inside the engine casing, down the left hand side (not across the top of the engine where the valves are) and it sort of sounds like that. And it's not quiet either, almost three or four times louder than the usual idle noises. I'm not convinced everything is OK...
  3. Oil level is at maximum and it's not the heat shield, it's definately mechanical and internal with a regular rhythm to it. It could be mistaken for noisy tappets because of the rhythm of the sound, but it has more of a metallic 'ring' to it than the dull clack of a tappet and it appears to be coming from the left hand side of the engine as you look at it from the front, possibly low down. Like a loose timing chain. :(
  4. Hi to the Aygo club! On my recommendation a friend of mine has bought a used Aygo from Mr T, a really lovely example, 2008 with full Mr T service history, only 20K on the clock and 3 months warranty. All was well for about a month then one night after work we were defrosting when we noticed a metallic rattling coming from the engine. It is a very distinct and noticeable rattle with the following traits: 1. It is intermittent, appears after about 10% of start ups 2. The rattle is only evident at idle - if the accelerator is lightly touched to bring the revs up a fraction it disappears 3. It only appears to rattle on start-up, it has never started rattling during a journey or when the engine warms up for example 4. Sometimes the rattle stops after a short journey, sometimes not 5. It might be cold-related, only because the temperature now is colder than when the car was bought and it was first noticed during minus temperatures. However, the rattle has also appeared when it has been simply 'cold' and not 'frozen'. The car has a full Mr T service history, and was serviced by the main dealer before delivery to my friend. It has been sat at my local Mr T for 3 days and they have left the car outside and started it several times without the rattling appearing. To be fair to them they are trying their best but without the fault manifesting itself I'm not sure what else they can do. The warranty runs out in 5 weeks so we're a little anxious that if nothing is found before then, we might end up with a bill for engine work or God-forbid a broken engine. It's been many years since I've worked on engines, but to me it sounds like timing chain tensioner not having enough oil pressure on idle when cold. The sound certainly appears to be coming from the 'auxiliary belt' side of the engine, and my local Mr T have had a poke about and everything seems OK externally, including the water pump. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful - does anyone have experience of this? Many thanks - John
  5. Hi Nick, I did this and it didn't take too long. Firstly I found that neither 6x9's nor 6.5" speakers will fit into the recesses of the stock parcel shelf so I made my own out of 12mm Baltic Birch plywood. I simply sketched a line around the stock shelf then reduced the dimensions by about 10mm or so, because I covered the shelf in some nice black carpet specifically for covering speaker cabinets, sourced from 'the worlds favourite auction site'. To fix the shelf in I used a pair of plastic coated terry clips, sourced from the same place, which allows me to tilt the shelf up as usual and also 'quick release' it from the back of the car using the existing shelf lugs (see pic). I also used a Tyco connector (I think it was) from the same source to connect the speaker cables, which I had run down the side of the car behind the panels. Hope this helps?
  6. I had one! Oh, sorry - two! :D By the way Adam - I really love that you still have the original steels wheels, stainles trims and those ultra rare centre caps - that set-up was hard to find even 20 years ago. So many of these RA28's have had alloy wheels fitted and they totally spoil the look of the cars. Well done!
  7. She's a beauty! You're not too far from me, I wonder if I'll ever see her on the road!
  8. Hi Ben, It would be helpful to know a little more about the car, especially age, mileage and service history. All these can be a factor with 'low oil level' and might not necessarily indicate a problem if the car has covered some miles and hasn't been serviced for a while. It will be a good idea for you to check weekly at least for a while to see if there is any steady oil loss that seems unexplained. The more you get used to how far the oil level drops after a certain mileage, the easier it is to spot early potential problems. Hope this helps :)
  9. I had a similar experience in July, one Friday when the heavens opened! It took me 7 hours to travel 180 motorway miles but my Aygo still returned over 65mpg. And that was including 4 junctions on the M6 when I never got out of 1st gear!
  10. Excellent! I managed to eek out 76.6mpg on a motorway and A-road journey back from Wales, so high figures are possible! I'm going to try and beat that though next month on a similar journey! For your reference, my first petrol gauge bar disappeared after 135 miles if I remember correctly. Never even got to the second bar disappearing before I arrived home! Good luck and safe journey
  11. True, sorry I should've made my wording a little clearer. The brake fluid charge is added to the 3 years servicing costs and this is then paid for over the 3 years, so you don't have to find the additional £39 on the full service to change the brake fluid because they've already factored it in to the total cost. It is indeed an additional charge. :)
  12. Just looking at the service schedule for my Aygo, it clearly states the air filter is replaced after 4 years or 40,000 miles. It also states brake fluid should be changed every 2 years so that should have been part of / chargeable with the full service after 2 years. So, apart from the air con issue which is somewhat of an oddity, your brake fluid should already have been replaced last year and due again next year along with the air filter. Unless of course you are experiencing 'abnormal' driving conditions causing the air filter to become dirtier than it should be but this is something I would ask the garage to comment on and justify why the air filter is dirty. You really need to check your paperwork to find out what you have paid for and what was done. I have just spoken to my local Mr T and they confirmed that brake fluid change charges are additional to the charge for a full service, but if you were on a service plan then the brake fluid cost is included in the plan. They have been in contact with Toyota themselves to try and get them to clarify the wording on the website. It all seems a little complicated to me so maybe the dealerships are also getting confused as to what's needed and what's not...? Hope this helps :)
  13. Just a reminder for those that know already, and a heads-up for those that don't (including me up until today) is that if you are part way through an existing Club Toyota membership and then buy a new car with 12 months free Club Toyota, give them a ring and they will transfer the unused months from the old policy to extend the new 'free' one. I didn't know this until today and decided to phone them following numerous emails informing me that my policy was about to expire. I told them I had bought a new car and had 12 months Club Toyota with it, and the kind lady looked at my old policy and the date I bought my new car, and transferred the remaining cover over and will be sending new cards. I didn't get a lot but my wife has 6 months left on her Club Toyota when she gets her new car on Monday so I will get her to do the same. Every penny counts these days! :D
  14. I think you're right Mike - stuff like air filters are 'as needed' these days, I think the service schedule includes checking and if it needs replacing then it's an additional cost. Helps keep servicing costs down I imagine. My T-Pot Yaris didn't have an air filter for 4 years because I was only covering about 2,000 - 3,000 miles a year maximum and the dealership never insisted on changing it just for the sake of it, only when it was considered 'necessary'. Same with the pollen filter, I always said not to bother and they never pushed me for it. Always had the engine oil and filter changed yearly as well as brake fluid etc - never skimped on things like that! I think the brake fluid is changed every 2 years on the Aygo so Toyboata's Aygo might well have been overdue anyway if it hadn't been done since new. I took out the 3 year service plan, fixed prices, discounts and even a free MOT thrown in for good measure for the 3rd year and a half price one for year 4, with no increase in labour costs. If you're keeping the car for 3 years then it's financially a winner :D I was thinking the same thing about the air con. Let them book it in, then when they wheel it into the bay to re-gas it and realise their mistake, claim some compensation (like a free MOT) for the hassle of having to take a day off work to bring it in etc. Might be worth a try, not that I condone such actions of course ;)
  15. Thanks for that Red Yaris 54, it would've been nice to know that was all. How much is a paid up subscription, I wonder. If it's too much then I wouldn't be able to justify it for passing on one relatively low cost item so it might just end up on the scrap man's lorry. Or ebay. Which is roughly the same thing
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